Granite Garage Floors Treats Customers Like Family

There is a good reason why Greg Slicker approaches each garage floor treatment as if it were for his own home. The customers he serves often are friends, neighbors or members of his community.

“We have lived near our customers in the Leawood community for more than a decade,” says Slicker, principal and co-owner of Granite Garage Floors. “This speaks volumes about the level of commitment we have to make sure every customer we work for has an exceptional experience and is serviced after the installation as well.”

A simple question inspired him to leave a successful career in the construction industry and start his own business. Why can’t homeowners have access to the same high-quality floor treatments as commercial customers?

“For years, coating systems installed in garages had been installed improperly with inferior, water-based product and were ineffective for homeowners as they peeled and stained almost immediately after installation,” he says. “However, epoxy coating systems in most commercial locations were simultaneously being installed properly, using higher-grade material, and have been a reliable and long-lasting option for years.”

Slicker started his company with two objectives in mind—provide superior coating systems and service for homeowners, and give back to the community where he lives and works.

“Our goal when we started Granite Garage Floors from scratch in 2008 was to take our home-improvement expertise and match it with a commercial-grade process and product that would provide residential customers a permanent and gorgeous option to use in their homes,” he says.

Slicker knows from experience that anyone can make promises and apply a coating. The difference is the quality of coating system, attention to detail and friendly attitude that his company offers.

“We do what we say we are going to do,” he says. "We provide answers to questions that homeowners are asking. Are they easy to work with? Yes. Are they really as good as their reviews? Yes. Do they really do what they say they are going to do? Yes.”

The company has installed more than one million square feet in Johnson County and the greater Kansas City area. Victor Wisnah is typical of hundreds of satisfied customers.

“Granite Garage Floors is one of the most professional contractors I’ve ever worked with,” he says. “From the initial consultation to detailed emails about what to expect and when and how to care for the floor, every expectation that was set was met.”

Slicker is quick to give the credit to his team and to share his success with the community. “We have an experienced team who takes pride in their craft and are always prompt, tidy, and cordial with customers.”

Granite Garage Floors has donated funding and its finished product to several local schools, such as Shawnee Mission East, Indian Hills Middle School, Cure’ of Ars Catholic School, St. Ann Catholic School and Corinth Elementary School, as well as several civic organizations. The company also is a generous contributor to the Mid-America Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

“Granite Garage Floors did an outstanding job,” Joe Finch says. “Their staff was friendly, attentive and easy to work with. I definitely would recommend Granite Garage Floors to friends and family.”

For more information, please visit the newly updated website, GraniteGarageFloors.com/location/kansascity.

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