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Covid safe wedding planned by Carlyn Roth

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Women of Influence

We loved getting to know these fabulous ladies who balance both businesses and motherhood with grace and ease.

We asked six local women with a savvy business sense to describe how each of their journeys began. Each one is a superstar in their own regard. We loved getting to know these fabulous ladies who balance both businesses and motherhood with grace and ease. 

Meet the Matchmaker:

I’m Lisa Chaben and I feel so blessed to possess an innate gift for creating the kinds of meaningful connections for others that we all long for, from true love to deep friendships to soul-level bonds. It is something that has come naturally to me since I was in my teens, brings me such joy, and that I honestly took for granted until the pandemic hit. Singles in their 20s to their 70s began reaching out to me daily expressing profound isolation, loneliness, and sadness and asking for my help. After successfully fixing up hundreds of couples that have led to fulfilling, long-lasting marriages, I took my lifelong passion to a whole new level and started Match With Lisa last fall, a truly unique, highly personalized concierge dating service for individuals interested in genuine human connection and lasting love. Our clients are educated, discerning, motivated to meet that special someone, and uninterested in the impersonal, fleeting, often unsafe encounters they experience on typical dating apps. I take them under my matchmaking wing, get to know their hopes, dreams, and hearts, and then work my magic to find their perfect match. I am on a mission to create lasting love connections across metro Detroit…and beyond. I savor being referred to as a modern-day Cupid.      

Meet the Premier Event Planner:

I’m Carlyn Roth and I’ve have been in the events industry for 20 years and established my own business, The Bash Events, in 2012. While I take on any type of social event, I’m 90% weddings-based and love the relationships that you establish when you work closely with a family over the course of a year. Most often I will book an event about 12-16 months out; but I’ve planned weddings in less than 2 months. COVID brought a whole host of new challenges to the wedding world. As a planner, it was my job to look at every aspect/detail of a wedding and consider how to make it safer. Some of the changes we have made we are continuing to implement through this year, as well. Planning seating with “pods” in mind and providing protective equipment for guests and staff. We eliminated any “communal” food service, have kept everything individually packaged and eliminated any bar crowding by spreading out drink stations. One of the most important aspects is to communicate the safety intentions to all. This season, my clients are more willing to move forward with their events with precautions and flexibility. There is a sense that we now know what works to keep people safe and with peace of mind- finally!

Meet the Salon Entrepreneur:

Driven by passion to make women feel great about themselves is the essence of Beauty Collective and I’m the founder, Cara Hiddings. More than color, cut or style it’s the salon experience fueled by creative artistry of independent hair stylists. This experience starts with the alluring backdrop of my two Birmingham salons and soon to open Royal Oak location. I opened up my first studio salon in 2008 then expanded it in the existing building 2012 (Birmingham Eton), the second location opened in 2017 (downtown Utica). My third location opened in 2019 (Birmingham) and the forth location is opening 2021 (Royal Oak). Beauty Collective salons are as unique as they are gorgeous. Every stylist is a independent artist, each delivering an unforgettable experience. Stylists draw inspiration from one another, finding their own unique niche. The collective team of stylists are dedicated to advancing their craft with education and current trends. Seen it, heard about out or dreaming of it – it's all possible from the team at Beauty Collective!!  “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” said, Eleanor Roosevelt. This is the motto I stand by. 

Meet the Tutor Extraordinaire:

I’m Alyse Belkin and I began teaching in 1989. After a painful divorce that left me emotionally and financially depleted, I was forced to change my mindset and empowered to take risks and embrace new opportunities. While raising two kids as a single mom and working full time in the public school system, I simultaneously went back to school and earned an educational leadership post-degree. Looking back I realize that move was my game changer. It raised the bar for me personally and I knew it was time to expand my professional world. After twenty-seven years of teaching, I accepted a position at The Roper School while continuing tutoring. Roper presented new growth opportunities that further fueled my tutoring capacity. Two years ago I hired a few tutors to service my overflow of students. When COVID hit, my client base exploded and I grew my staff and formed pods. My tutoring services are tailored to align with the current educational needs of students and families. Favorite phrase: “You’re not going to knock me down”. 

Meet the Dynamic Legal Duo: 

Nazli Sater:

As a Warner Norcross + Judd partner and the firm’s Family Law/Divorce Practice Group chair, I’ve had more than 30 years’ experience handling complex family law matters for professionals, business owners and high net-worth individuals. We provide thoughtful and reasonable counsel while aggressively pursuing our clients’ best interests. I joined Warner in 2011 and have held several committee and practice group leadership positions within the firm and known as: “A tenacious fighter and champion for my clients; yet, sensitive to the personal impact that divorce and separation have on individuals and families. I’m practical and compassionate at the same time.” I’ve had trial and arbitration victories across several high-profile and complex family law cases and attribute much of my success to “Maintaining the highest level of privacy and confidentiality while making clients’ matters my own matters.” Additionally, I’ve helped clients maintain strong relationships with their children as they transition through a divorce – an incredibly difficult balancing act that requires careful guidance.

Roquia Draper:

I too, am A Warner Norcross + Judd partner and have extensive experience representing both family law and business contract disputes, focusing on domestic relations and divorces, and also on executive compensation packages, business valuations and complex asset division. My primary focus on domestic relations allows me to impact my clients’ lives during a very difficult time by being their strongest advocate while providing reasonably aggressive but measured advice. Born in the United Arab Emirates, I immigrated to the United States when I was six and I credit my cultural ties from my life in Jordan to providing a unique perspective in the United States. Once I overcame the language barrier, I found a passion to use that voice and I’ve spent my professional career as an advocate for others. “Focusing on the big picture” has been a motto that I live by and it's been the key to my success. So is taking it one day at a time – which is something I help my clients do.

  • Lisa Chaben of Match With Lisa
  • Carlyn Roth of The Bash Events
  • Covid safe wedding planned by Carlyn Roth
  • Covid safe wedding planned by Carlyn Roth
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  • Alyse Belkin on a virtual tutoring session
  • Nazli Sater and Roquia Draper
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