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Women of Note

This month, get inspired by stories of grit, resilience, and strength. Visit Union Ave Books and peruse the shelves for more must-reads this month.

America's Women by Gail Collins

An excellent gift to any woman in your life. It is a fascinating and often horrifying look at 400 years of the day-to-day lives of women in early America. It will make you grateful to be alive in the year 2023!

Matrix by Lauren Groff

A novel based on the life of a remarkable (and real) medieval French woman, Marie is exiled from court to become a nun and we follow her gripping transformation of the convent she is forced to occupy. You'll want to read Marie de France's Lais when you finish --[PB1]  and you should.

No Place for the Weary Kind: Women of the Smokies by Courtney Lix

A collection of biographical essays about women from the Smokies. The women you'd expect to be there are, but I really enjoyed discovering some amazing characters I'd never heard of. 

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