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Embracing the Trends for Fall Fashion

Personal style is whatever inspires you, feels good and lets you show the world your best you.

Article by Linda Starkey

Photography by Stephen Neilson

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

This fall, Threads Boutique, with locations in Wauconda and inside of Painted Tree in Kildeer, is encouraging women to try something new and embrace the trends emerging for the fall out of the realities of life. From a return to the art of more feminine dressing as a rebound from so many months in sweatpants, to enjoying oversized sweaters and jackets as comfy self-care, to embracing design vibes that help us all get back to nature—see how the trends are mirroring our world now, as well as making it all a little prettier and more fun!

The path to personal style doesn’t necessarily follow a linear path. Inspiration comes in all forms, whether it’s your mom’s or grandmother’s wardrobe, friends and sisters or the curated styles of celebrities and Social Media fashionistas.

This season the things we are seeing—and can’t wait to share with our customers—include colors (including basic black, rust, deep ocean blue and earth tones); textures (knits, suede and faux leather); and fabrics (satin, denim and heavier cottons). Patterns vary from animal prints to stripes, tweeds, tie-dyes and florals.

Personal style is your own mix-and-match of whatever inspires you, feels good and lets you show the world your best you! Here are a few suggestions inspired by this fall's trends.


We've all enjoyed taking advantage of quarantine-time to cozy up in sweatpants, and don't necessarily want to remove that feeling from our wardrobe. No problem; time to upgrade your cozy! Think fall sweaters, and oversized furry jackets to bring that cozy feel while being a touch more appropriately dressed for the outside world.


Groovy glamour and glitz are back on Main Street America, and you'll find them at our shop on Main Street, Wauconda! Think mod style, bright colors, and bold patterns.


The mood dominating the runways is softer, with lingerie-inspired outfits, muted colors, lace and ruffles. Subtle is sexy; a little pop goes a long way.


The message from designers is clear—it's time to get back to black... but not just plain black. We are seeing lots of shimmer and sparkle like the night sky, often incorporating animal prints and faux leather pieces, especially those reflecting an autumn palette. 

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accessorize it

Pair your look with a faux leather purse, belt, statement piece, loopy necklace and earrings. Groovy!

keep it

Florals, especially if muted, are perfect for the fall. Pair with a pop of Autumn color (orange or gold, but not too bright) for just the right spark.

get it

... at Threads! Linda Starkey is the owner of Threads Boutique. Its original location is in Main Street Center at 118 Main Street, Wauconda. A second location (with limited stock) is inside Painted Tree, 20771 N Rand Road, Kildeer.

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1. Jen feels cozy in this Tan Faux Fur Jacket, w/pockets and Cheetah Pattern Jersey cotton inlay. By Mystery, $56 (S-L). Also available in Black.

2. Light Pink “Love” Sweater with V-neck, looser-knit style by Elan, $64 (S-L). Layer it up with this Faux Suede/Leather w/Shine Cheetah print button-up classic-rise Jacket w/pocket detail by Mystree, $64 (S-L).

3. Striking, asymmetrically-cut Mock Neck Black & Deep Ocean Blue Tie-Dye Top by Elan, $72 (S-L).

4. Our Seafoam Green Sweater w/Floral & Leaf Print by Elan, $78 (S-L) perfectly pairs with this Burgundy Vegan/Faux Leather Skirt w/front slit, high waisted by Skies Are Blue, $40 (XS-M). 

5. Comfortably cozy Black & White Striped Polo Sweater with Collared V-neck by Elan, $68 (S-L) Shown here with Classic-rise Black Jeans w/slits on sides of bottom pant legs by Elan, $68 (S-L).

6. This Faux Fur Chevron-Patterned Grey & Charcoal Vest with pockets by Love Token, $125 (XS-M) is a perfect match as shown here with this Earth-tone Tie-Dye Balloon Arm Lightweight Sweater by Tempo, $60 (Sizes: Small/Medium, and Medium/Large).

7. Get your inner growl on with this Faux Leather Leopard-Print Backpack Purse w/ tassels & adjustable straps by Klutch, $65. Also available in snakeskin.

8. Rust Orange Dress by Mystree, $62 (Small-Large) with velvet top, sheer animal print sleeves and accordion-style satin bottom. (Pairs perfectly with the Tan Faux Fur Jacket; see item 1.)

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