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Woodruff Windows Shines Through

Saving Money and Energy, One Window at a Time

Replacing windows can be a significant concern for homeowners, especially when heat loss and drafts become prevalent. Old homes with metal frames and builder-grade windows are more susceptible to drafts and heat loss as the foundation settles and causes stress on the windows, leading to fogging, condensation, and difficulties opening and closing windows. These are issues that Woodruff Home Improvements often sees in aging homes across our area.

“A neighborhood like Twin Creeks is a perfect example because the homes are old enough to where the foundation is starting to settle,” said Lyndol Woodruff. “This causes stress on those builder-grade windows, breaking the seals and letting the air through. And that's when you begin to see them fogging up.”

Finding quality service for home improvement projects can be daunting for homeowners, but Woodruff Home Improvements is a company that specializes in window and siding installations and has been dedicated to providing top-notch customer service, high-quality products, and affordable prices for decades.

Dallas native Keith Woodruff founded Woodruff Home Improvements in 1982. His father, Lyndol Hoyt “Woody” Woodruff, was a brick mason by trade and started a commercial construction company. Keith learned the values of precision and quality from his father – values still upheld by his son and daughter, Lyndol and Kristina Woodruff.

“Our main focus is to make the home more comfortable and energy efficient, so the homeowner saves money on their energy bills,” Lyndol said. “The home's quieter and more comfortable because that energy-efficient glass blocks out the noise too.”

The improvement in energy efficiency ultimately saves homeowners money on their energy bills and allows homes to preserve the temperature in the house.

“A standard pane of glass is a 16th of an inch thick, and the insulated glass in our unit is an eighth of an inch thick. And there are two sets, so it's like four standard glass panes,” Lyndol said. “When the glass manufacturers build the two-pane unit, they pump argon gas between the panes of glass. Argon gas is seven times denser than air, so it can't penetrate through the glass when heat or cold hits the glass.”

Woodruff’s installers like Larry Cohorst, who has been with the company since 1997, and Miguel Breceda, who started with the Woodruffs in 1985, are specialists in their trade. They have been with the company for years, ensuring the work is of the highest quality without decreasing the home's natural light.

“A new installation doesn’t eliminate the natural light. You still get natural light in the home, but it's the difference between wearing cheap sunglasses and polarized Ray-Bans because of the UV protection in the glass,” Lyndol said. “All the UV rays are reflected, preventing floors, artwork, and furniture from fading.”

The Woodruffs are a family focused on putting Allen’s family first. They help create more comfortable living spaces and improve the overall value of the homes they serve.

“We always lead with kindness. We always lead with honesty. It makes our job so much easier,” Kristina said. ”It doesn't feel like we're working, and it's more about creating a happy experience for people and helping with their energy bills.”

"We always lead with kindness. We always lead with honesty. It makes our job so much easier.” — Kristina Woodruff