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Word Up! Level Up 2024 with One Word

Quiz: Discover Your Intentional Word for the New Year

Resolutions? So last season. Say goodbye to unmet expectations, and give a warm welcome to the scene stealer: one-word intentions. 

Why One Word? It's the minimalist version of self-improvement, simplifying your focus, and making your intentions crystal clear. Your chosen word isn't just a goal; it's a guidepost that resonates most with your personal aspirations for the year ahead.

We're bringing you back to your teenage magazine-reading days with an insightful quiz to help determine your word for 2024. 

How would you describe your desired vibe for 2024?

a. Daring

b. Peaceful 

c. Prosperous

d. Consciousness

Which area of your life are you most eager to focus on in the coming months?

a. Personal Growth

b. Relationships

c. Career

d. Wellness

What energy do you want to attract more of in your daily life?

a. Joy

b. Abundance

c. Serenity

d. Inspiration

In challenging situations, which quality would you like to embody?

a. Resilience

b. Gratitude

c. Balance

d. Creativity

Which word resonates with your ideal approach to decision-making?

a. Bold

b. Intuitive

c. Strategic

d. Thoughtful

What best describes your preferred mindset for 2024?

a. Fearless

b. Grounded

c. Optimistic

d. Reflective

Which word aligns with your aspirations for personal well-being?

a. Vitality

b. Tranquility

c. Success

d. Mindfulness

What quality would you like to infuse into your relationships?

a. Connection

b. Empathy

c. Prosperity

d. Joy

When envisioning your ideal self, which word feels like the missing puzzle piece?

a. Radiant

b. Flourishing

c. Aligned

d. Thriving

What emotion do you want to cultivate most in 2024?

a. Excitement

b. Contentment

c. Confidence

d. Fulfillment


  • Mostly A's: Ideal words- adventure, fearless, courage

  • Mostly B's: Ideal words- harmony, tranquility, understanding

  • Mostly C's: Ideal words- abundance, plenitude, completeness

  • Mostly D's: Ideal words- mindfulness, alertness, concentration

Allegra Cohen is the Founder of ABUNdance by Allegra. Her mindset coaching and wellness expertise is available via virtual sessions and corporate seminars, inspiring people with her original micro-JOYS method. She is also an award-winning producer having worked with Tiffany Haddish, Billy Crystal, and Adrien Brody. and Instagram @allegracohen