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Work Up a Sweat at Hotworx Barker Cypress

New Hotworx studio combines heat, infrared energy and exercise

Article by Erica Hernandez

Photography by Erica Hernandez and Hotworx

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

Fitness lovers can turn up the heat on their workout routines at the new Hotworx Barker Cypress, a stylish studio that combines high-energy programming inside heated, infrared saunas. The 24-hour gym features sessions inside private and semi-private wooden sauna boxes equipped with infrared lighting and digital instruction. Sessions, all coached by virtual instructors, range from fat-blasting 15-minute cardio workouts on a stationary bike or rower, to gentle–yet effective–hot yoga and pilates sessions. Each room is equipped with its own controls for temperature, infrared light and volume so clients can make their time as customized and efficient as possible. The heat–which can be set to be as high as 125 degrees–serves to raise the body’s core temperature while the infrared light penetrates the skin and helps speed up the body’s post-workout healing. The result is twice the workout in half the time, says Melissa Robuck, owner of Hotworx Barker Cypress.

The short but intense sweat sessions make Hotworx ideal for busy moms who want a unique spin on exercise and need targeted, effective routines. Melissa, a mom of three daughters, opened her location after falling in love with Hotworx’s workout style. The ease of scheduling daily sessions and the profound sense of accomplishment she feels after each session keeps her hooked. Not to mention she’s passionate about helping other women discover ways to exercise and make time for themselves.

“It’s so important for you to take care of yourself when you’re so busy taking care of everyone else,” she says. 

For those new to the studio, Melissa recommends trying a free session and setting the room to a lower temperature before trying intense heat. Anyone can workout no matter their experience since coaches modify routines for different abilities and the infrared energy emitted during the workout helps heal. 

“You know you’ve made progress with your body, but you’re not damaging your body,” Melissa says. “It’s kind of the sweet spot.”

10710 Barker Cypress Suite B, Cypress