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Workout Anytime You Want

A Gym That Helps You Meet All Your Fitness Goals In A Warm, Welcoming Environment

Thomas Burns started working out at a young age, and later competed in body building competitions. After earning a college degree in fitness training, he eventually became a certified personal trainer.

“I was training around 70 clients a day, and even though being a personal trainer was great, I needed to find something long term,” he says. “My father, John, always knew my goal was to eventually have my own gym, and with him wanting to retire, he saw an opportunity to still have something to do.”

They looked into different fitness franchises, but none seemed like a good fit until they discovered Workout Anytime. Like its name suggests, it's open to members all day and all night, which allows for a lot of flexibility.

“We work off of three different ideas - that we consistently have a really clean environment, that we're providing the same exact product every time, and third, that we build relationships with our members,” says Thomas. “It's not just 'hi' and 'bye.' We really get to know our members.” His three-pound Chihuahua, Pearl, also makes members feel welcome.

In addition to workout equipment, cardio machines and weights, Workout Anytime 24/7 Franklin, which opened this year, offers whole-body pampering. Members have access to hydro-massages, red light therapy, infrared saunas and tanning.

There are two levels of membership – basic, which is $22.99 a month, and gives access to the weight equipment, and premium at $29.99 a month, which provides access to everything, including the ability to visit other locations across the country.

Thomas, along with the other certified personal coaches, enjoys assisting members with reaching their goals. “We find out what they want to accomplish. Do they want to tone up, add muscle or something else? Then we do a 3D body scan which helps us analyze and really break down the different types of body fat they have and what their lean muscle mass is.”

Once they have this data, they start by setting small goals. For example, if someone has 35 percent body fat, the goal is to get that down to 33 percent. Once that’s reached, new goals are set. “With our personal training clients, we build out full custom workout schedules for the entire week,” he says.

All members get one free personal training session with Thomas. “I really invest my time and go over where they are physically, how we’re going to build a foundation together, how much water they need to drink, and a good food plan – the whole nine yards.” If members want to continue with him after that as a personal client, they can simply buy sets of sessions.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from helping others reach their fitness goals,” says Thomas.

Tips for sticking to a healthy routine:

Design an exercise schedule that will work for your lifestyle.

Buy and prepare food over the weekend for the entire week.

Get six to eight hours of sleep every night.

Drink at least 120 ounces of water a day.

  • Thomas Burns with staff member Rebekah

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