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One of the most popular exhibits ever at Monthaven was the display of Princess Diana gowns.

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World Class Art Is Local

Monthaven Art & Cultural Center Reveals Exciting Plans For 2024 And Beyond

No city should dare to call itself great without a thriving arts scene.

From painting to sculpture to music, the arts help to give life purpose and meaning. Art is the embodiment of creative expression, and it helps define the unique character of every community.

To its credit, Hendersonville is home to a diverse and growing arts and cultural movement. Led by world class musicians and artists, artistry is alive and well in the City by the Lake.

While art may be found all across the community, nowhere is it more evident than in the city’s cultural hub – the Monthaven Arts 7 Cultural Center (the MACC). Located in an elegant mansion dating back to the 1860s, the MACC features year-round displays of visual art by talented painters, sculptors, crafters and other artists ranging from local school children through world renowned creatives.

“The MACC was founded in 2017 to create a vibrant arts and cultural scene for people of all ages throughout our community,” says Monthaven Executive Director Cheryl Stritchik. “Our mission is to educate, elevate and encourage our community through the transformative power of the arts.”

In recent years, the MACC has put on multiple exhibitions which have drawn attention from art aficionados around the country. Exhibits such as original paintings by pop art icon Peter Max, prints by Dutch Golden Age master Rembrandt van Rijn, gowns worn by Princess Diana and sculptures by Pablo Picasso have helped elevate the MACC to elite art museum status.

“Every year, we feature eight to ten regional, national and international exhibitions which are viewed by more than 40,000 visitors – free of charge,” says Cheryl. “In 2024, we will have our most exciting slate ever, with nine shows scheduled, including exhibitions by Bernie Taupin, Salvador Dali and Kre8.”

Along with showcasing famous art, the MACC has not forgotten about the growing community of local artists and students in Sumner County. Every year, Monthaven offers several popular events that have proven to be popular with local art lovers, such as the annual Veterans Art Exhibition and James B. Hawkins Sumner County Student Art Show.

During 2023, the MACC operated a temporary satellite gallery at the Streets of Indian Lake that showcased the work of local artists. This year, the display will be relocated to the Monthaven mansion and renamed the Papillion Gallery.

“The Papillion Gallery will continue to promote the work of the tremendously talented artists in our region,” says Cheryl. “We will offer special ‘Artist of the Month’ exhibitions and other special events under the direction of Regional Art Director Ruth Chase.”

The MACC’s educational mission also includes offering art classes taught by some of the area’s most talented instructors. The classes are developed with all students in mind, ranging from beginners seeking to learn about art to experienced artists looking to dabble in new media and techniques.

“Every year, we hold more than 95 classes and 50 summer art camps that serve over 940 students,” says Cheryl. “To complement our regular fee-based sessions, we also offer special free classes for underrepresented groups and military veterans.”

In addition to its artistic and educational focus, the MACC also serves as the focal point for many of Hendersonville’s most creative social activities. Annual events such as the Sweet Summer Concert Series, BBQ & Bourbon, ARTOberFest and the Fat Tuesday celebrations are eagerly anticipated by patrons looking to enjoy evenings of art, music and food with their friends and family.

“There is always something new and exciting at the MACC,” says Cheryl. “We invite all of our fellow art lovers to come out and see what we have to offer.”

Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center

1017 Antebellum Circle,

Hendersonville, TN 37075


"Our mission is to educate, elevate and encourage our community through the arts."

Cheryl Stritchik

  • The annual Moonlight and Magnolias Gala is a popular fundraising event for Monthaven.
  • Monthaven features a blend of local and international art.
  • Monthaven Executive Director Cheryl Stritchik
  • A recent exhibit at Monthaven featured Christmas art by legendary painter Ralph McDonald.
  • Monthaven Board Chair Barry Ellis shares a moment with Sumner County Mayor John Isbell at a Monthaven exhibit.
  • Rockland Road performs at Monthaven.
  • Along with paintings and sculpture, music also lives at Monthaven.
  • Several times a year, artists such as Stas Namin will appear at the opening of their exhibits.
  • One of the most popular exhibits ever at Monthaven was the display of Princess Diana gowns.
  • Monthaven Executive Director poses with author and guest curator Leigh Hendry at the opening of the Picasso exhibit.
  • Monthaven scored an artistic coup with the Picasso sculpture exhibit in 2019.
  • Sculptures and drawings by Pablo Picasso were on display at Monthaven in 2019.