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World Missions Adventure

Moving Forward For Youths Locally And Around The Globe

World Missions Adventure, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, exists to make positive, lasting differences in the lives of others, all around the world as well as locally, says Mark Blum, Frisco-based CEO and missions director of this new initiative. He's also the relationship manager at Frisco-based Elevated Roofing, LLC.

Overall, Mark says the group's volunteers conduct medical clinics, kids camps and leadership training. They also construct playgrounds in orphanages and remote villages.

"I really enjoy taking people on mission trips so they have that true 'giving experience' that comes with those undertakings. It changes the long-term lives of those going on missions, and opens their eyes to talents and gifts they didn't even know they had," he says.

Mark and his wife, Debbie, launched this nonprofit during this January, and in May received confirmation that their nonprofit status was officially complete. 

"Our vision is to bring joy, comfort and healing to the poor and hurting, especially orphans," Debbie says.

This new effort has been 40 years in the making for Mark, who worked for a decade with evangelist and religious broadcaster Pat Robertson. Additionally, Mark worked with Morris Cerullo, an American Pentecostal evangelist with whom he traveled extensively around the world for ministry. Mark presently also still sometimes travels with Frisco-headquartered evangelistic group Bernie Moore Ministries International through which Bernie and Nicole Moore conduct crusades to large crowds.

To date, Mark says he's visited 65 countries.

At a local level, Mark says they help those without homes, and will assist others affected by natural disasters, such as tornadoes, within a day's drive of the Frisco area. He adds that they plan to collaborate with local humanitarian organizations such as Refresh Frisco and Frisco Family Services. 

"The art of giving brings true happiness and so much personal satisfaction," Mark assures. 

Representatives of the group just participated in a mission trip during June to Antigua, Guatemala, during which they ministered to the Mayan people, and conducted a three-day medical clinic, kids camp, construction, as well as evangelism. The next scheduled mission trip is to Thailand on Oct. 7-15. Mark explains that this trip will be medical in nature, but one doesn't need to be a medical professional to attend.

Mark adds anyone wishing to financially donate to this tax-deductible cause can do so on the group's website or text the word GIVE to 877.649.1959.