Wrapping On the Job

The Owner of Performance Wraps Shares His Coolest Wrap Job Yet

Each week in our wrap shop is insanely different from the next. One week we will wrap three utility vans, and another we’ll be wrapping a set of Jet Skis. The week we took on a Dodge Challenger tribal wrap was definitely one to remember! This was our first ever fully sponsored wrap with a famous vehicle wrap designer collaborating with us. When we got the design, our jaws dropped. When you wrap cars every day, there aren't many wraps that stop you in your tracks; but this was one.


Once the amazement wore down and the excitement continued to rise, it was time to get to work. The final design file was sent to us one week before the reveal party. We contacted a special printing company and had it print and deliver the vinyl wrap. 


The wrap came in, leaving us three days to install the most difficult wrap that we have ever done on a Dodge Challenger (which is not the easiest car in the world to wrap). To put it in perspective, ideally we would have allotted about five to seven days for this kind of intricate wrap. Performance Wraps is a small operation, including myself; my fiancée, Tanor; and our installer, Savannah. The three of us stocked up on a lot of coffee and got to work.


After two back-to-back 20-hour days, we were able to complete the car in time for the wrap reveal. Wrapping a vehicle for 20 hours straight can make you pretty exhausted; but we were all so excited to see the final product that our spirits remained high. Thankfully there were no hitches or hiccups to keep us from sticking to this super tight deadline! The end result: We were able to deliver something that our client, a native to the Marshall Islands, was proud to call his. This was a wrap job that was truly as unique as he is.

The car has since been featured by Paint Is Dead and The Wrapper Mapper and grabbed the wrap world’s attention immediately, putting our Moraine-based shop on the map. I couldn’t have pulled it off without my amazing team, and I am beyond excited to see how far this car will go during car show season! For more information, visit

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