Wylder Collective: We Run Wild For You!

Wylder Collective is a group of dynamic women leading the luxury concierge service industry. CEO Kris Perelmutter and Head of Design, Joelle Masterson, effortlessly paint the perfect picture of what life with custom luxury concierge services from Wylder Collective can look like – and it’s wonderful. The ultimate 'you dream it, we can do it' mentality, Wylder Collective is “another member of the family,” but this family member won’t complain when you want something done!

Every need is met with Wylder Collective. All-encompassing, they provide services for even the most tedious of chores like stocking the fridge, to some of the most important, like booking a private jet. The entire team at Wylder Collective has their real estate license and excel at the large number of tasks that come with moving in (or out!) of a home. They will find and interview staff, or help transfer staff for local moves, from the pool guy to the nanny to the cook. Need to pack it up or unpack? Not a problem.
Furniture and décor needs, they got you covered.

Often Wylder Collective acts as a temporary house manager or as a long-term or short-term personal assistant. Happy to have their hands in everything, they’ll make life a breeze setting up anything you need - any type of beauty appointment, private
shopping, and they’ll even handle one of the most time-consuming tasks of them all - planning travel.

Wylder Collective’s all-female team is the answer to any problem their clients are having and the same goes for the team. They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, strongest sounding boards, largest form of support and biggest advocates. Kris' goal is for her team’s foundation to be supportive and nurturing, while she makes it intentional to mentor and encourage the careers of the women.

The most poignant aspect of Wylder Collective is that its name was inspired Kris’ daughter. If something was going to take Kris out of the house and away from her daughter, even if it was a collection of things Kris is passionate about, it needed to be about more than work. It needed to create a legacy. And that’s what Wylder Collective does - they take their role to the next level, give complete
luxury concierge services so women can spend time how they really want to spend it. Wylder Collective gives women their time back, and as Kris eloquently states, “Time is the ultimate luxury.”

Kris @running.wylder
Joelle @joelle_masterson
The whole Wlyder crew @wyldercollective

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