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Year-Round Fun at Hidden Valley

Winter adventure-seekers in the St. Louis area have long known about our area’s well-hidden gem, and with the recent addition of zip lines, Hidden Valley Resort in Wildwood has become a premier destination for many outdoor experiences throughout the year. 

With the new ZipTour ride, your experience is enhanced due to the ability to control your own speed! You're really able to play with the person you're riding next to—you can speed ahead, slow down and let them pass you. As you approach the landing platform, you can slow your trolley and stop over the deck. The guides will lower you to the platform, and on you go to the next span! The Hidden Valley ZipTour offers a total of four spans of varying lengths, starting with a short run to get you comfortable with the operation before moving onto the ones with the best views!  

Or, for a more laid-back activity, you can enjoy a scenic ride to the top of the mountain with a nature hike back down to the lodge along the hiking paths. Then, enjoy food and drinks on the patio. On a clear day, you can see the Arch from the top. Scenic Chairlift Rides are available during weekends only. 

Hidden Valley Resort, located at 17409 Hidden Valley Drive, off of Highway 109, was recently acquired by Vail Resorts. DJ Koch, the sales and marketing manager, states that customers will see no change in their great experience and, in fact, some improvements are expected over the next few years.

Hidden Valley is the only resort within a several-hours drive that offers skiing, snowboarding and tubing trails. The resort boasts 17 skiing trails, including three Black Diamond rated trails, two beginner “bunny hills” and everything in between. The steepest grade for the advanced skier is up to 40% with a vertical drop of 320 feet, but the variety of trails caters to every skill level. They have nine lifts, which include five chair lifts, one tow rope and three carpet lifts.

Snowboarding has become one of the bigger draws for snow enthusiasts. In addition to the ski trails, the resort also offers two terrain parks that include moguls, jumps, rails and jibs, enticing the most daring and skilled athletes.

The Polar Plunge tubing park has 16 lanes that are 1,000 feet long and are separate from the other skiing trails. The tube rides are a great way for larger groups and families to take a fun trip down the mountain.

Equipment for all of the activities is available for rent. In addition, Hidden Valley features a fire pit and concession stand near the Polar Plunge. Also, the spacious main lodge, the restaurant and the bar offer visitors other ways to enjoy the resort plus several food and drink options.

Weather permitting, winter activities at Hidden Valley run from mid-December through March. All-year-round offerings are available on the website at