Year-Round Lawn Care

Keeping outdoor spaces clean and neat during every season

In 2019, Nathan Napier stepped away from his full-time job as a teacher and opened Napier Lawn Care, a company that focuses on year-round lawn care and maintenance. It’s a perfect fit for him and his family. “I like labor and I love being outside, which is so different than the classroom. For lawn care, you get up and you go and do the work,” says Nathan. “It's that simple and I really enjoy it.”

Napier Lawn Care provides all the traditional lawn care services most people automatically think of including grass mowing, edging, trimming, and other services that take place during the warmer seasons. Nathan’s goal, however, is help home and small business owners focus on year-round lawn care to keep outside spaces looking great during every season. “We take pride in our ability to create, transform, and masterfully enhance your outdoor atmosphere with custom lawn care services,” says Nathan, “and we do that all year round.”

Nathan explains that there are tasks to be done in late winter and early spring to prepare for the warmer months. “In terms of hedgerows and non-flowering plants, it’s time to prepare for the growing season so that the property stays up to speed and the growth doesn't get so long that we can't catch up later in the year,” says Nathan. “A lot of times, it buys the client time and keeps the area clean so they can concentrate on flowers and things in their outdoor space that they want to pay more attention to.”

During cooler seasons, Nathan also focuses on other types of lawn care including removal of leaves, heavy pruning, refreshing of pine straw and mulch, and other upkeep tasks to keep everything neat and clean. However, Nathan recognizes that not every client needs the same services. ““I do a service agreement system,” explains Nathan, “and clients can select their annual schedule that best suits them because there are different property types in our area and different needs.” The service agreements work two ways; Nathan knows and understands the needs of the client and the client gets affirmation that Nathan and his team are committed to working with them throughout the year. “I'm a husband and a father, and I’m not going anywhere,” says Nathan. “I’m committed to routine care as close to year-round as possible.”

For more information on Napier Lawn Care, the services offered, or to set up a lawn care schedule, visit www.napierlawncare.com or contact Nathan directly by calling or texting 706-284-8996.

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