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Cocktail Squad's Libations-in-a-Can Put Premium Classic Cocktails in Easy Reach

It all started with a rare date night at a cocktail bar. Lauren and John Maggio were in the throes of the early years with their four children and had the opportunity to be spelled by a sitter for the evening.

They each ordered the same cocktail that was well-balanced and hit all the perfect notes that a perfected libation aims to reach. Because this night out was a luxury that would not be repeated regularly, they asked their bartender to share his recipe. He was happy to do so, down to the measurements of each spirit and accouterment so they could recreate this experience at home.

And they were able to do just that—trips to three different liquor stores and $103 in receipts later.

With her stash of ingredients, Lauren replicated that recipe a few times at home. But by the end of the season, she had moved on to another cocktail of choice. She thought there had to be an easier—and more economical way—to enjoy a bar-quality drink at home.

Six years later, the magic in a glass that Lauren and her husband experienced is available in a can for Arizonans to enjoy.

“I had this lightening-bolt moment that there are plenty of people like us who are busy and working hard that would appreciate the ease and portability of a premium cocktail that’s more accessible and ready-made,” Lauren says.

From that spark emerged their Boulder-based beverage company Cocktail Squad and its lineup of six classic cocktails ready-to-go and ready-to-drink in a sleek, yet convenient can.

Cocktail enthusiasts will be tempted by the Gin and Tonic, Margarita, Vodka Soda and Greyhound varieties. Brand new additions are a Bourbon Smash and Whiskey Sour, which is produced under nitro so it has a creamy mouthfeel and a luscious finish that mimics the profile of an egg white without it. Lauren, who is personally a big bourbon fan, advises shaking the can before popping it open to get the full effect.

Each 12-ounce can offers two servings with a 10% ABV. Recipes use premium real spirits and natural and organic ingredients, and all nonwhiskey cocktails are gluten-free. It retails for $4.99 a can and can be found locally at select grocers like AJ’s Fine Foods.

The Maggios may have come up with a new kid on the cocktail block, but they are no strangers to the food and beverage market and what makes a successful business in this space tick. John is the co-founder of Boulder Canyon Chips. Lauren has a background in investment banking and interior design.

The combination of an elevated cocktail in an easily portable vehicle makes these beverages ideal companions on quests where their glass counterparts cannot venture.

“We are the solution for modern luxury in today’s cocktail industry,” Lauren says. “Consumers today want to experience life and adventures. They don’t have to sacrifice on quality while going on life’s experiences.”

This spring, Cocktail Squad cocktails made their debut in Arizona, making it the second state to carry the brand. For its creators, this makes perfect sense.

“Our premium cocktails are perfect for the seasons in Arizona and perfect for golf courses, pools, hiking, rafting… all of the great adventures Arizona offers,” Lauren says.

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