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Timeless and Elegant or Strikingly Unique

Your new favorite piece is at Mandel Jewelers

The perfect piece of jewelry can transform an everyday ensemble from “so-so” to scene-stealing in an instant.

Whether you want to make a style statement with a piece that’s timeless and elegant or strikingly unique, you’re bound to discover your next favorite piece at Mandel Jewelers.

What began as a small jewelry concession more than 50 years ago in Lynwood now serves as the ultimate fine jeweler in Brea, renowned for consistency in quality and design.  

Linda Mandel and her husband didn’t have much money when they ventured into their entrepreneurial journey, but with $3500 and prayer, their perseverance eventually turned that vision into a reality.

At first, the Mandels didn’t sell many diamonds or large settings; however, they did plenty of watch and jewelry repairs, battery replacements, sold religious medals, and even made keys for their customers—anything to help build their business.

Unfortunately, four years after opening their doors in 1969, Linda’s husband passed away, leaving the store—and its legacy—in her hands.

Linda worked tirelessly to grow the business while also raising their young son, Richard.

At one point, she managed three concession locations simultaneously, powered by sheer hard work and dedication. 

Linda’s successful operation of the jewelry concessions fueled her desire to open a standalone brick-and-mortar location.

Of his mother’s uncanny ability to forge long-lasting relationships through her business endeavors, her son Richard Mandel says, “She has customers that aren’t just customers—they’re like family, and they come here just to see my mom!”

Richard marvels at his mother’s magnetic presence, which draws loyal customers from the likes of Hawaii, Seattle, and New York.

Linda loves being active in the store’s day-to-day operations, which, in addition to jewelry sales and repairs, include express Rolex services and free verbal appraisals.

“After 53 years, I still love opening the front door every morning,” she says, acknowledging the hard work that still makes her tick.

According to Linda, her business stays a cut above the competition due to its ability to “delight in the details” while being a trusted part of its customers’ most important life moments.

Mandel Jewelers’ staff is committed to delivering a dazzling, full-service shopping experience from start to finish—one that you won’t soon forget.

“It’s the way we make our customers feel,” says Linda. “We provide a ‘Cheers!’ atmosphere. If purchasing a piece of jewelry feels stressful, you’re in the wrong store.”

Linda accomplishes such stellar customer service with the support of her team, including  Sue Baird and master jeweler Sam Kassar.

By supporting local organizations, including the Yorba Linda Community Center, and hosting free verbal appraisal events, Mandel Jewelers aims to give back to the Orange County community that has remained steadfast in its support of the business over the years. 

As a show of continued appreciation for their ever-loyal clientele, Mandel’s just gave away a romantic trip for two to Athens, Greece.   

Richard puts it best when describing his mother’s admirable qualities.

“My mom is an incredible person. She’s a very successful entrepreneur, and what she’s done through the years is amazing. She raised a son practically on her own and built a thriving business that started from basically nothing…she made it happen!” he says.

Come meet the Mandel Jewelers team and browse their selection of fine jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces.

See for yourself why they say, “If you’ve never seen anything like it, it must be Mandel’s!”


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