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Premium Suit Bespoke Tailors

A one stop shop ensuring the utmost attention to every detail in designing custom made tailored suits.

“A well-dressed person will always command attention.”

Growing up as an apprentice tailor at his family’s store, Premium Suit Bespoke Tailors, that phrase is one Eddie Garcia heard his father speak often.

Eddie took those wise words to heart—and now, as the master tailor and owner himself, he works diligently to ensure the utmost attention to every detail in designing custom-made, tailored suits.

A streamlined silhouette makes a lasting first impression, and Premium Suit Bespoke Tailors are experts at helping customers create an unforgettable one. 

At the family-owned-and-oriented business in Brea, no request is too great for the professionals experienced in delivering standout style for more than 100 years.

Suit-making, tailoring, and sales services have shaped Premium Suit Bespoke Tailors into the ultimate suit source for countless clients, including many famous names.

Theirs is a craft that has been honed to perfection over many years.

“We are fourth-generation tailors,” says Eddie. “We were established in Mexico City in 1928, and have been serving Los Angeles County since 1966, and Orange County since 2012.”

The suit-making team extraordinaire also includes store manager/fitter/stylist Edwin Estrada, assistant store manager/fitter/stylist consultant Jacey Garcia, media coordinator Rose Garcia, stylist consultant Ray Garcia, and tailors Antonio Morales and Margarito Garcia.

The highly individualized customer service isn’t the only factor that contributes to the store’s one-of-a-kind appeal.

Everything from the classic décor to the throwback music adds to the store’s sophisticated ambiance. 

“Savile Row, in England, has heavily inspired the shop décor,” says Eddie. “We were inspired from an era where all suits were bespoke and handmade. Music from the 1920s to the 1940s plays to help set the atmosphere and mood at our store.”

Premium Bespoke Suit Tailors is truly a one-stop shop. 

“We operate all alterations in-house. Our expert tailors and associates are ready to fit and consult with anyone to achieve their wardrobe goals,” says Eddie.

The caring company also extends its services to those in need, whether that means donating to local charities, dressing members of the homeless community, or dressing underprivileged youth for special events like prom and job interviews.

As a business with historically rich roots that run deep into the past, Eddie insists that they’re just as focused on the future.

“We would love to start a tailoring school in the future, and we want to continue to offer our services at a competitive price. We want to keep the art of tailoring alive!”

“We specialize in unique or ‘hard to fit’ bodies, and offer all accessories to complete your desired look, including socks, ties, bowties, shoes, cologne, cuff links, tie clips, and shirt stays. Our focus is to help anyone and everyone look and feel their best, and to feel comfortable doing so.” –Eddie Garcia