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Fashion eyewear that makes everyone happy

Fashionistas don’t have to travel far to find the perfect pair of luxury eyewear. Whether you are searching for high-end designer frames, cool shades, a studious look, something on-trend, or the purely glamorous, J Crimi Eyewear Boutique has it, just right around the corner.

J Crimi has been open for 13 years in Henderson. Owner James Crimi, a native of Syracuse, New York, is a licensed Optician and has two Optometrists on staff to do eye exams. They also honor prescriptions from other optometrists. Either way, they can help you choose the right glasses to fit your face and suit your personality.

Not your typical chain eyewear business, this locally-owned and operated business understands that no one buys just one pair of glasses anymore. People want options. And they often want that bling statement. So, they offer a palette of a thousand different colors to choose from as well as a variety of luxury brands such as Cartier, Gucci, Tom Ford, and Christian Dior, to name just a few. They want their customers to have that “wow factor” and that personalized statement piece when purchasing eyewear.

“The fashion world is constantly changing, and eyewear is always developing. Just like fancy handbags or shoes, women want to have unique eyewear or face jewelry,” states Crimi.

J Crimi caters to everyone’s budget, and that is why they have such a following. They serve both celebrity clients and the everyday person with unsurpassed personalized service.

Because they have an in-house lab, you can have your glasses, in many cases, done the same day. They also offer custom-made eyewear such as buffalo-horned frames or gold Cartier frames. They even have frames made from Austrian crystals, stainless steel, Japanese titanium, and space-age plastics that are the weight of a teabag.

J Crimi can custom tailor frames to conform to each person’s face, and they offer free eyewear repair, so if customers have a problem with their glasses or need a quick fix, they can come in and be treated like family.

“We pride ourselves on being dependable, reliable, and making sure our clients are happy,” said Crimi.

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