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Your Best Friend You Haven't Met Yet

Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue, a Nonprofit Dedicated to Adorable, Adoptable Dogs

Article by William Harwood

Photography by James Jordan Photography

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

First the bad news. The Boxers and Brews event—adorable, adoptable boxers along with delicious, artisan-crafted beer—at Craft Brewed is over. It was held June 9 this year with a crowd of about 70 folks and some dozen dogs attending. The good news, however, is that this is an annual event, so mark those calendars for 2019!  

Boxers and Brews helps support a Brentwood-based nonprofit, Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue. Since 1990, this 100 percent volunteer organization has dedicated itself to rescuing abused or abandoned boxers, an increasingly popular breed due to their friendly and energetic nature. Most of MTBR’s dogs, through no fault of their own, have wound up in a pound or shelter, the victims of irresponsible humans. MTBR takes these animals in, provides them with love and care—including all shots, check-ups, and spaying or neutering—and helps them find their forever homes.

Generally, MTBR’s dogs are adults, but there are some good reasons to adopt a boxer who has already been around the block. Adults tend to be housebroken already and beyond their chewing stage. Also, there is their deep gratitude. Boxers are a very loving breed and will bond readily with their caregivers. To help this process, MTBR stands ready to help adopters with expert advice. However, if turns out not to be a good fit, then MTBR will take a boxer back.

Clearly, this labor of love costs money. In addition to the annual Boxers and Brews, MTBR also sells calendars, shirts, pub glasses and licence plate frames, all available through their website. Another way to help is simply to shop for your own pet at Happy Retales, a pet supply and grooming shop in Brentwood that donates 100 percent of its profits to animal rescues with MTBR being one of the beneficiaries. Further, MTBR is always welcoming more volunteers, people who donate their time and talents to help in a variety of ways. Of course, the greatest way to help is to provide one of these adorable wiggle-butts with a loving home. Check out MTBR’s website and the boxers who are currently available. Perhaps your new best friend is waiting for you.    

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