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Online Store Offers Breast Cancer Gifts, Support and Optimism

As a real estate appraiser, Jaime Zografos is used to being detail-oriented. As a breast cancer survivor, Jaime learned the true value of harnessing strength together with others. So, now she's pooling her experience to give back to other women and their supporters by providing a nonprofit for cancer survivors, an online store for items that are helpful after breast cancer-related surgeries, as well as opening new retail locations to encourage the process of osteogenesis to enhance the strength of bones. 

The Original Cozy Breast

Jaime was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39 in June 2015. That diagnosis made her stop and reevaluate her entire life. Not long after Jaime had a double mastectomy and reconstruction, she invented a breast prosthesis she called “The Original Cozy Breast." It's a handcrafted breast made of a cozy, Lycra material and soft fiber that's placed into bras to provide a comfortable, natural look and feel. She says she wanted this product to help inspire other women in their journeys of battling cancer and let them know they can feel at ease as they go about their daily lives, post-operation.

"Cancer was the biggest blessing in my life; it changed me completely," Jaime says.

More details about the product can be found online at

Your Boobtique

Jaime wanted to further support female patients dealing with cancer procedures, so she launched, an online store where items can be purchased for women's needs after breast cancer-related surgeries. 

Items available through the store include light-weight hoodies with drain pockets sewn inside for mastectomies instead of them being safety-pinned to hospital bras; zip-front, cozy sports bras as women cannot mobilize much of their upper body after surgery; small aprons for the drain pockets when one is at home and not wearing the hoodie; and cozy blankets and socks to bring joy to survivors.

Jaime is developing other products as well. To contact, email


Jaime says OsteoStrong represents a skeletal strengthening system that increases bone density, balance and stability by pushing multiples of one's body weight to trigger osteogenesis. Her first two OsteoStrong franchise locations are located in Ballwin and Sunset Hills. She has another location planned for Wildwood.

At her OsteoStrong centers, clients work on the elements that maintain or reestablish balance, which is crucial to leading long, healthy lives. 

Jaime says another goal of the unique OsteoStrong approach and program is to achieve proper bone health and posture, along with less painful joints and back.

"Sessions are quick and painless. And results happen quickly in measurable ways," Jaime says. 

With October being breast cancer awareness month, Jaime encourages women of all ages to stand strong!

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