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Five Tips for Feel-Good Energy

Living a high-vibe life is not all about diet and exercise. Your living space also plays a pivotal role in your well-being. Here are 5 tips for helping you create a high-vibe home with that feel-good energy we all desire and deserve.

Banish clutter: Nothing pulls down the energy of your living space like piles of clutter and items past their prime. Declutter for an instant energy uplift and a more serene atmosphere.

Do a cleanse: Hit the reset button on your home’s aura by burning sage or Palo Santo.

Bring nature inside: Freshen up your space with energy- enhancing plant life to help cleanse your air of toxins and add life-giving oxygen.

Be a joy-seeker: Infuse your home with colors, texturesand items that make you feel blissful.

Get Lit!: Himalayan salt lamps provide a cozy, soothing glow and some suggest can provide a healing environment by neutralizing EMFs and other toxins in your living space.