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Your New Nanny Matchmaker

A godsend to parents, children, and caretakers in one fell swoop

Nannies have been called the glorified third parent. As a parent, you want to feel safe and secure that your kids are in good hands so you can focus on your work and other responsibilities. This peace of mind is only possible when you have the right nanny. 

Keren Lai makes finding the perfect nanny a hassle-free, enjoyable experience through her nanny matchmaking service, Carnation Home Care. Taking the time to understand a family’s unique needs and preferences, Keren makes the process of finding the right childcare as seamless as possible, all while providing well-educated and highly qualified nannies stable employment. 

Falling ill a few short years ago from a combination of health issues and spinal surgeries that resulted in a rare "catch all" combination of symptoms similar to Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, and autoimmune disease, Keren has since made it her mission to fill the need for quality home care and childcare. 

After waking up from her second spinal surgery unable to move from the neck down, Keren could no longer take care of her son and family the way she used to, she couldn't go grocery shopping, couldn't drive, couldn’t be “mom.” "I woke up paralyzed, and I needed help," Keren said. "I never had a nanny before and my husband worked full-time in the city — what were my options?" 

The only option she felt like she had was to pay an extreme amount of money to a Nanny agency, as searching for help through Facebook and other childcare sites simply wasn't working. "I didn't feel heard or supported when searching for childcare options," Keren said. "And there is no service that helps out temporarily. Nothing was the right fit." 

After realizing the need in this area, she decided to help people the way she would have wanted help, by pairing the right nanny with the right family, matching each of their needs respectively. Now, in just one year, Keren has successfully matched over 130 families and nannies. "It's a testament to the need that is out there," Keren explains. "Childcare is needed at every stage of a child's life, from the newborn and toddler stage, to middle school where priorities shift to driving kids to and from activities. Finding someone who can grow with the family is wonderful. When you find the right fit, the nanny becomes an extension of the family, it changes your life." 

When searching for nannies, Keren takes into account that every family's needs are unique, as all kids are unique. "I have families that don't allow television, families that want the nanny to teach their child Spanish, families that are very active with sports and want a nanny to throw a ball in the yard," Keren states. "It's not a 'cookie cutter,' let-me-throw-you-a-nanny type of deal," she emphasizes. "I don't want to waste anybody's time. I interview and vet each nanny extensively and will not refer them to a client unless I would hire them myself." 

At Carnation Home Care, every client begins with a thorough discovery call. Once both sides decide to move forward, a small deposit is collected and Keren writes up a personalized agreement to ensure expectations are clear. Each agreement is completely custom to the family and nanny, clearly defining needs, hours, vacations, and any other terms the family has. On the nanny's first day of employment, a second and final deposit is collected. 

"We all need help sometimes. Some people have a demanding career, and some people have health issues like me," Keren said. "It takes a village to raise a family, and oftentimes people are just left to their own devices. I’m here to help, and I love doing it. Our kids are our number one priority and nothing is more important than feeling comfortable and confident with the person taking care of our kids." 

She mentions a lot of nannies come from places like Brazil where they were teachers or nurses, but their certificates are not valid in the states. They come here for a better life, they love to work with kids, and she is able to give them that position and fulfillment. 

"It can be easy to get down and think, 'Why did this happen to me?' as she reflects on her health issues. "But this is what keeps me going," Keren said of starting the nanny matchmaking service. "I feel very lucky," she continued. "I have good days and I have bad days, but I put my energy into helping people, and it is so rewarding to know I am making a positive impact."