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Your Own Glow Up

Let The Tan Bar help you achieve the perfect look, just for you!

As summer comes to a close and our days of laying out by the pool are numbered, many in Dallas are looking for a way to keep their glow for the winter. There are many tanning salons in the area, but The Tan Bar sets itself apart. 

Leslie Lopez and Terry Ehrle have been friends forever, and have been getting spray tans for just as long. Back in Dallas Leslie and Terry were celebrating their birthdays while sipping margaritas in a pool. The conversation led to how unhappy they were in their corporate jobs, so they decided to start a small side business. 

“How can we make this different,” was one of the first questions they had as they decided to move forward with their own tanning business. They purchased their own machines and trained, and soon went on a 14-day trip to northern California and the San Diego area to see where everything was made, learn the trends and research best practices. 

The Tan bar carries 11 different product lines, unlike most salons that carry one or two. 

“We carry the best of the best so that we can customize it for our customers,” says Leslie. “If you’re going to a Vegas pool or are a bridesmaid in a wedding, those are two completely different scenarios.” Factor in each client’s different skin tones and preferences and the customization becomes incredibly important for that perfect tan. The team, composed of Leslie, Terry and another tanning technician, Tom, keeps detailed notes on each tan for each client and why the specific products and levels were used. 

“My biggest compliment is when someone sees one of our tans in real life and asks our client ‘Where’d you go?’ as if they were just at the beach,” says Leslie. “We know then that it was natural. My customers are my billboard. If you’re looking good, I’m doing my job right” 

On top of these highly personalized consultations, the Tan Bar offers incredible customer service, such as 24-48 hour touch-ups. Leslie and her team are here to help, not trick you into a sale. Many repeat clients purchase tan packages, which never expire and can be shared. They also have the “Tan Van” - a mobile tanning room that comes right to you! 

Leslie and Terry are truly invested in their salon and the businesses. They care about and get to know their clients, which means they enjoy sharing their special moments. 

“Most everyone comes in for positive and exciting reasons, like weddings, vacations, graduations, cheer events, etc.,” says Leslie. “Our clients feed us positivity and then we get to pass it on.”

  • Leslie and Tom at the salon.