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The Source Hotel

The Source Hotel + Market Hall in Denver, Colorado, stands as a testament to the city's rich industrial history and its vibrant modern culture. Once the site of the Colorado Iron Works plant, the red-brick Market Hall building now hosts a dynamic mix of independent retailers, restaurants, and a design-forward boutique hotel.

Originally a hub for ore-milling equipment manufacturing, the Colorado Iron Works gained global recognition in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Transitioning from its industrial past, the building transformed into a food hall in 2013, coinciding with RiNo's emergence as one of Denver's trendiest neighborhoods. In 2018, The Source Hotel opened its doors, becoming RiNo's premier luxury independent hotel, offering guests an authentic Colorado experience in a modern urban setting.

What sets The Source Hotel apart is its commitment to providing guests with a unique and memorable experience. From the moment of check-in, guests are greeted with a taste of Colorado microbrew, setting the tone for their stay. The hotel boasts dog-friendly accommodations, rooftop plunge pools, a modern fitness center, and a sprawling 45,000 square foot complex featuring top Denver restaurants, local art, a barbershop, and a floral shop.

The Source Hotel's design aesthetic is characterized by a bold blend of Scandinavian and Japanese influences. With high ceilings, polished concrete floors, and custom Baltic birch casework, the 100 modern rooms are bathed in natural light, offering stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver. Some rooms even feature modern soaker tubs and operational garage doors that seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces.

Deeply rooted in the local community, The Source Hotel actively incorporates local art, culture, and partnerships with nearby businesses. The Market Hall hosts a variety of community events, including monthly First Friday Art Shows, Markers Markets, and wellness workshops. The hotel also features a Supper Club series and a monthly Farmers Market showcasing fresh Colorado produce.

In terms of dining options, The Source Hotel offers an array of acclaimed restaurants within its complex, including Temaki Den for sushi, Smok for barbecue, Safta, and Reunion Bakery helmed by James Beard award-winning chefs. The Woods rooftop restaurant and beer garden provide panoramic views of the Denver skyline and pour over 20 Colorado microbrews. The food is so incredible, you just might not make it back up to your room!  

Committed to sustainability, The Source Hotel is LEED Silver Certified and implements eco-friendly practices throughout its operations. From the use of sustainable building materials to responsible water consumption and bike storage facilities, the hotel prioritizes environmental stewardship and strives to minimize its ecological footprint.

The Source Hotel + Market Hall is more than just a place to stay; it's a vibrant cultural hub that celebrates Denver's past, present, and future, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the city's dynamic spirit and creative energy.  Let the Source Hotel be your home away from home!

What sets The Source Hotel apart is its commitment to providing guests with a unique and memorable experience.