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Your Statement Handbag

A handbag that makes a statement!

When a chic fashionista enters the room, most eyes will scan her ensemble to see whether she stands out or blends into the crowd, but true fans of sartorial splendor will direct their attention straight to her handbag. The “icing on the cake” of all accessories, a handbag can make or break an outfit, take it to the next level or knock it to the floor. Serious fashionistas know that investing in a quality bag might be a stretch on the wallet; but will always last a lifetime, and could even be something to be handed down to the next generation if well taken care of. This season you will find fun bags in trendy boutiques, in colors and styles to match every outfit. Styles may follow the fad for each season, but to be truly chic, you should have that one bag in your collection that you will keep forever, suits you to a “T” and speaks to your style.

Your statement handbag should speak to you and your image. The price point could be small or large, depending on your budget. If you want to invest in a more luxurious bag without experiencing sticker shock, resale is always a great place to start.

On Roswell Road, Board of Trade Fine Consignment Boutique always has an interesting bag selection. From classic Louis Vuitton “Speedy” to unique crocodile top handles, their display is always something to be viewed. Bags that have never been used often find their way to Rebag, Vestiaire, or Fashionphile - a company founded by entrepreneur Sarah Davis.

Be confident in your choice that you’ve made with insight and research. Your statement handbag doesn’t have to have logos or premium hardware. It can be a simple leather clutch that you’ve had for years that suits most occasions - well loved and well cared for is best. Just be sure to make the statement about you and your lifestyle, not someone else’s, because there’s only one of you, and you’re fabulous!

“I’m thrilled to offer women the opportunity to own luxury handbags through Fashionphile, and selling back to us for an upgrade is always an option for your next big investment,” says founder and president of Fashionphile, Sarah Davis.

Every woman should have at least one special handbag in her closet. A statement handbag need not have someone else’s monogram or diamond-accented hardware to be unique, but rather something that truly speaks about the woman carrying the bag. The book, French Flair 10 Essential Pieces for Style and the History that Makes Them So Iconic, by style historian Nancy Flaherty, dedicates a chapter to defining statement bags for a chic look on any budget.