HOME Care is the New Self-Care

Love the skin you’re in with the art of Facial Rejuvenation. Ancient secrets to enhance your HOME routine.

This month we are excited to share our favorite secrets to caring for the largest organ in your body - your skin at HOME. 

Imagine a nap so amazing that it increases endorphins, balances hormones, jump-starts collagen production, leaves you with a dewy glow and supercharged immune system! Sound too good to be true? 3,000 years of practice and refinement in the art of health and beauty are all the proof we need.

If you want the real-deal experience we recommend that you book a Facial Rejuvenation treatment in Downtown Bozeman at The Loft to see what the celebs are raving about - or just stop by and pick up the tools listed below. 

Do one of the treatments below each day or do them all together for a decadent day at HOME:

1. Cleanse + Moisturize 

We use Eminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing Oil to even out the skin tone and discoloration and Facial Recovery Oil is a must to reduce puffiness and kick start deep cellular healing. We think of the Stone Crop plant as Aloe vera’s stronger sister and the smooth and rich texture will help your tools glide smoothly across your face, neck, and chest.

2. Jade Roller

You’ve probably seen this beauty before and may even have one laying around looking good in your bathroom. The Jade Roller is all the rage because it’s a pro at increasing circulation and relaxing the muscles in your face that cause those pesky frown lines and crow's feet. It takes only a few minutes to gently start moving the lymph which instantly depuffs your skin and the cooling Jade Stone is the magic behind that glow.

3. Guasha

Now it’s time to oil up and give your face some love! One of the reasons we love Guasha so much is that this tool is clinically shown to increase the absorption of topically applied skin care products. Guasha in Rose Quartz or Jade are great for firming your skin and increasing elasticity. This tool actually starts stimulating collagen and elastin production while detoxifying and instantly improving your lymphatic drainage.

4. Facial Cupping 

Facial cupping is designed to bring qi & blood circulation to the skin and hydrate the muscles on the face. By stimulating blood flow and carrying nutrients to the facial tissue, cupping increases fibroblast activity which thickens the skin and repairs thin and slackening tissue. What does all of that mean? Improved muscle tone, smooth fine lines, and regain vascular integrity for tighter and toned-looking skin.

5. Dry Brushing

What happens in your body is reflected in your face. So why not fibro - stimulate the entire surface area of your body to enhance immunity, crank up the microcirculation, and soothe the nervous system. By creating just a little friction you are actually asking the body to synthesize a healing process and the skin cells release growth signals, otherwise known as skin stem cells.

6. Abhyanga Oil 

This Ayurvedic Oil treatment nourishes the whole body system. Sesame oil infused with fresh Grapefruit and Rosemary balances your ‘Doshas’ - which translates into healthy skin and a calm spirit. Custom made at The Loft our blend helps maintain the Vitamin C essential for your skin’s growth and development.

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