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The Perfect Match

Zi Olive & A Child’s Garden

A well-lived life is filled with seasons of joy, of grief, of renewal, and with a fair share of serendipity. And so it is that an olive oil store wound up in a children’s boutique on Chattanooga’s Northshore.

Zi Olive and A Child’s Garden owners, Charlie Kimball and Jeanne Trewitt respectively, have known each other since the second grade. After visiting the Zi Olive store in Gatlinburg, Kimball jumped at the chance to bring the brand to Chattanooga. He started the search for his own store space, but most were larger than what he needed, so he mentioned his dilemma to his friends Bill and Jeanne Trewitt.

Jeanne was reluctant at first. “I knew he only needed 200 square feet, but I said, Charlie, I use my space,” remembers Trewitt. It was Jeanne’s late husband Bill who convinced her to carve out the space for what would become Zi Olive. “Bill said I think it would be good for you, I think you should do this.”

Jeanne opened A Child’s Garden in 2005 on a whim. She quips, “It’s the best hobby turned profession anyone could have.” Her store carries luxury children’s brands like Maileg Mice toys, Lulu Bebe, Feltman Brothers, Sarah Louise, and Kissy Kissy. When it was time for Charlie to move in, she did her part to clear out the corner of her store. Charlie built walls and shelving, and on Oct 1, 2019, Zi Olive officially opened inside A Child’s Garden.

With Zi Olive, Charlie hopes people are encouraged to have fun in the kitchen. He enjoys sharing about the health benefits of olive oil, and says, “I want to provide a real experience for people when they come in my store.”

“It’s been the perfect match,” says Trewitt. I can go over to his side and sell olive oils, and then he comes over to my side and sells clothes.”

The pair of stores is located at 135 Frazier Avenue. Their charm is matched only by their proprietors—a perfect match indeed.