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Faith, Family, Community And Customer Service Are Pillars Of This Local Business Owner For Outdoor Cleaning Services

Article by Julie Patton Brown

Photography by Brandi Mieger

Originally published in Frisco Life

Professional washing of exterior surfaces can achieve dramatic results for houses, roofs, fences, concrete, brick, screen enclosures, outside windows, awnings, gutters, patios, decks, driveways, fiberglass structures and solar panels. Jim Steinmark, owner of Frisco-based Patriot SoftWash, confirms he and his staff see astounding cleaning results for clients each day. 

As a veteran-owned and operated service company with 100% military/veteran employees -- two of which are disabled veterans and one an active reservist -- this team provides complimentary project quotes.

Frisco Life asked Jim to explain soft washing, an approach created more than 20 years ago. 

What exactly is the practice of "soft washing"?

As an alternative to pressure/power washing, soft washing doesn't use destructive high pressure. Soft washing thoroughly cleans surface areas along with killing bacteria as the root source of discoloration on roof coverings and various structure surfaces. It's used routinely in Florida hotels, Disney, Universal Studios, as well as government installments. 

Soft washing versus pressure washing -- what's the difference?

Soft washing removes the bacteria that create staining, whereas pressure washing merely cleans off surface layers. High pressure washes use 3,500 to 4,000 PSI (pressure per square inch); the SoftWash approach only uses 80 PSI. Soft washing treatments last much longer compared to pressure washing treatments. 

What health benefits can clients gain from professional washings? What particular elements does soft washing remove?

Microbes, such as mold, mildew, algae, lichen and bacteria, are accountable for the majority of roof staining and other surfaces. Results of the metabolic rate of these microorganisms are acidic, as well as destructive, to surface areas, such as roof shingles. Eliminating these microorganisms protects against staining as well as boosts the longevity of roofing systems, fences, and also decks.

Our cleaning remedies are non-toxic and won't release any kind of hazardous chemicals into the area surrounding your property.

What cleaning solutions do you use? Are they eco-friendly?

The cleansing services made use of in our SoftWash System are 100% biodegradable and have extremely reduced VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.

  • We only use one-third the water of pressure washing.
  • Our cleanings last longer than pressure washing, so cleansing or water for treatments isn't needed as often.
  • Our SoftWash Systems cleanings preserve products, such as roof shingles, conserving customers' money, and also producing less waste in landfills triggered by particles associated with roofing, fences and deck replacements.

Regarding cleaning needs specific to Frisco's environment, what do you routinely address?

Soft washing can be used on all kinds of building products, including Austin Stone, stucco, EFIS, precast limestone, timber, brick, concrete, aluminum, vinyl exterior siding and shingles.

How long does the typical soft washing cleaning last on a house?

Usually, a soft washing treatment will last at the very least four times as long as pressure washing, before staining reoccurs. In most circumstances, our treatments last a lot longer than one year.

How can someone tell their house needs professional washing?

When black or green growth, mud, dirt and irrigation rust appears on exterior surfaces, it's time. 

Jim also cares about community initiatives; in fact, he chairs the Frisco Chamber of Commerce Veterans Council, a group that provides resources and support to local veterans and their families for personal and professional development, including employment.


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