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Yard Digging: A Must in Home Sales


Article by Tanya Wilson

Photography by Tanya Wilson

Selling your home brings many tasks to your doorstep, one of which might be the unexpected need to dig up part of your yard. This Priority Pumping blog explores the often-asked question from homeowners: "Why is there a need to excavate my yard during the home sale process?" Grasping this requirement’s significance, especially for those owning homes with septic systems, is key.

Critical Role of Septic System Checks:

A home’s septic system, though out of sight, is a vital component. Ensuring its optimal function is paramount, particularly when selling your home. In several regions, the law demands a comprehensive evaluation of the septic system prior to the property changing hands. It is here that excavation becomes essential.

The Need for Excavation Explained:

Accessing important parts of your septic system, like the tank and drain field, often requires excavation. This allows inspectors and technicians from expert services, including Priority Pumping, to conduct a thorough assessment. Through such evaluations, they can detect issues like damages, obstructions, or leaks, which, if ignored, might pose significant problems for the future owners.

Seller Advantages:

Although it might initially seem like a burden, excavating your yard for septic checks is beneficial for sellers. Addressing septic concerns before putting your house on the market can raise its value and attractiveness. It also assures you that you're selling a property with a well-functioning septic system, thus avoiding potential legal issues post-sale related to septic malfunctions.

Impact Minimization:

Septic service professionals prioritize the preservation of your property’s appearance. Teams like those at Priority Pumping use specialized methods and tools to reduce yard disruption. Their objective is to conduct necessary inspections and repairs with minimal impact on your property.


The requirement to dig up your yard for a septic inspection might seem daunting as you prepare to sell your home. Nevertheless, this step is crucial for a compliant, smooth, and successful property sale. It not only protects the buyer’s interests but also secures the value and condition of your property. With Priority Pumping, you can approach your home sale confidently, knowing that your septic system is thoroughly checked and ready.

Check out the ADEQ website for more information!

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