A family of stylish cars

Meet family members Lily May and Myrtle

Rick Claybaugh, his wife Marisa, and daughter Kim Taylor know how to style up their transportation. All are members of the Early Ford V8 Club of Tulsa. As with all classy, classic cars, they have a story and names.

Rick purchased his red 1934 Ford Fordor out of state in 2008. Drivable, but a work in progress, Rick completed most of the restoration himself, returning it to the way it rolled off the assembly line in ‘34. He’s driven it to numerous Early Ford V8 Club of America events winning multiple awards.

He also owns a gray 1939 Ford Deluxe coupe, which he bought in pieces, requiring four trucks and a trailer to get it home. With hard work and dedication over several years by Rick, his family, and friends, this stylish beauty was put back together from the ground up. It’s now a family car restored to the way it came off the assembly line.

The newest addition to their family collection is Lily Mae, Marisa’s red, 1951 Custom convertible, a surprise purchased from another club member in April 2021. Most recently the stunning ‘51 traveled to the Early Ford V-8 Club of America national meet in Franklin, TN, earning one of the highest awards bestowed by the club for its beautiful restoration. This car is featured in the front row of the large portrait banner in Stokley Event Center.

The black, 1952 Customline coupe owned by Kim Taylor was a college graduation gift, purchased from a friend in Texas. Kim, and Myrtle, named after the original owner, were featured in The Wall Street Journal for Kim’s involvement in the national car club. Myrtle is Kim’s family car with seatbelts installed so her kids can accompany her and her husband to events. The ‘52 is also in the front row of the banner in Stokley Event Center.

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