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A Guide to Staying Healthy + Happy


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Between social distancing and tons of hand washing, wellness has taken center stage. With a collective focus on staying healthy, now is a good time to consider how everything from your daily routine, to your diet, to the thoughts that fill your head can impact your overall wellbeing.

Here's a broad look at some of the small things you can do every day to increase your overall wellness, some tips and inspiration for eating healthier, and ways to stay clearheaded and positive.

General Health

A Healthy Way To Begin Your Day

"I am a believer in 'keeping things simple' and not overcomplicating things and thus making them difficult to weave into our everyday lives. The B.I.G. Way to Start Your Day is an easy technique that I came up with to help others adapt a healthier way to tackle each day. Each letter in B.I.G. stands for the three simple steps I recommend practicing upon awakening."
Susan Ginsberg

Health Improvements You Can Start Today

"Thankfully, there are good habits you can incorporate into your everyday routine. Along with these methods, you can also find adequate healthcare coverage for peace of mind. Check out these simple methods below and learn about your healthcare options, too."
Jennifer McGregor

How to Create a Self-Care Practice

"The dramatic shifts in our lives have made it even more important to devote time and energy to taking care of ourselves. However, it’s often hard to do when you have a job, family, friends, and volunteer commitments. Despite knowing that you are at your best when you make time for yourself, it’s often the first thing to be sacrificed."
Yuriko Beaman

My Social Distance Date Hangover

"Knowing we have been responsible adults and have been strict with our shelter-in-place rules, she welcomed us to see her new home, only occupied by her and her daughter. This was such a treat after only being in close contact with my daughters every other week, aside from a few short trips to the grocery and visiting respectfully distanced with my boyfriend a handful of times weekly.
The day after, however, I was followed by the saddest gray cloud over my head."
Angi Spielman

We Are What We Eat

Improving Brain Function with Food

"Achieving optimal memory and brain function begins with the foods we use to fuel our bodies. For those suffering from brain fog, depression, difficulty concentrating or any number of brain-related issues, Dr. Erin Amato, medical director for The Center for Ideal Health, believes diet may be the culprit. She helps individuals design personalized lifestyle medicine programs to achieve optimal health at any age."
Stephanie Hower

Taking the 'Yuck' Out of Eating Healthy 

"What if there were some good recipes that were proven to be good for you, and didn't take that much time to prepare and cook? Would you consider making them?   
Here’s an example of a mouth-watering meal that even your pickiest family members might enjoy. It's simple and easy to make. Let’s take a look at Lasagna Soup."
Chad O'Roark

Reboot Your Health with a Juice Cleanse

"Are YOU eating 7-10 fruits and veggies a day?! Talk about impossible ... 'Juicing is a great way to receive and retain the vitamins and nutrients we need from our fruits and veggies. It helps with consuming veggies in an efficient manner and also adds a wider variety of veggies to your diet,' says Owner and all-around Health Hero, Chris Goode behind Kansas City-based Ruby Jean's Juicery. Talk about a wellness-inducing small business you can rally behind and support; this Smoothie & Juice Bar empowered me to push the Quarantine 2020 reset button, allowing me to find my strength in will power and health."
Mindy Hargesheimer

Clear Your Head

How to Achieve Mental Fortitude

"What do you think of when you hear those words? Gates, fences, borders, walls, things that are impenetrable. Emotional resilience comes to my mind, but why is this important? In a way, it is a test of how we go about our day to day. It is a measure of how we deal with our internal and our external world. I would argue our internal environment is essential to fortify more because of how we look, perceive, and interact with our external world. Our external world is a reflection of our internal world."
Colin Zhu

Painting for the Non-Creative

"Painting was always something I thought took a lot of skill to do well, but I've learned through the past couple of years that you don't need a lot of skill to relax your mind in front of a canvas.
I am no Bob Ross, trust me. Typically my best work requires the urge. I have to feel that need to make something creative. I call it the "artistic seizure." I paint, draw, craft, doodle, even sculpt, but usually they come out sub-par, more for me than for the observer, unless driven by that seizure. It's only been recently that I've felt I've been able to recapture a love for the creative, even without it."
Jessica Fitch

Motherhood + Mental Health

"Not too soon after the kids' spring break, we learned that they were not going to return back to school at least until early April. My resume soon gained a new job title - at home educator and part time IT support (for the kids). I helped the kids with their homework so I didn't think it would be bad at all. But soon enough, juggling mama duties, professional work, and home educator responsibilities became a struggle. I became overwhelmed with the home educating part the most. I questioned myself and asked "how am I going to do this for the next however many weeks/months?"
Annie Simsuangco

How to Cope with Stress

"I had the pleasure to talk with Liz Martin in my search for expertise to share how we can better manage the stress of daily life. Especially now, when we are all so isolated, it is critical to take care of our mental health, keep spirits up and stay positive. Liz has a background rooted in mindfulness. Her career began as a martial artist with a black belt in Tai Chi."

Margreit Maitland