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A Letter From Our First Selectmen

Fred Camillo

"Stationed as the Gateway to New England, the Town of Greenwich is known worldwide for its beauty, location, many amenities, and well run government. Our remarkable community, founded in 1640, is one of the oldest towns in the United States, home to multi-generational families, and has been a worldwide destination for over a century.

Located along the shores of Long Island Sound, Greenwich offers residents a multitude of recreational experiences. Whether it is in the rolling, bucolic hills of Backcountry, or on the sands of the town’s pristine beaches, or spending a day on one of the town’s vacation-like islands, and or swimming, rowing or kayaking in the harbors, residents are afforded alluring opportunities to relax and enjoy suburban life.

Greenwich is an enchanting mix of neighborhoods, shopping areas and open spaces that are home to more than 62,000 residents, many of whom are actively engaged in governing our town. Civic involvement here in Greenwich continues unabated today as it has for many generations. 

With historic charm, natural beauty, unrivaled location, responsible and proactive governance, and civic pride that is second to none, Greenwich remains a beacon of tradition, progress, and excellence.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Greenwich for rising to the occasion during this national public health emergency and international pandemic. Whether adhering to park and beach closures, respecting physical distances, donating time and money to those most negatively impacted, and or contacting me with ideas to assist the collective effort, our town's residents have shown why Greenwich is second to none when it comes to civic spirit.

As we face this crisis together, it is of great importance to patronize our local businesses.  Our local tradesmen, service businesses, retailers,  and other practices and companies stand ready to deliver their services and products, even if delivered in a different way. Regarding local restaurants,  we can order delivery, take-out, or even purchase gift certificates so that these establishments that take care of us in good times, are not forgotten by us in a time of need.

As a young boy growing up in Greenwich, like everyone else, I had my favorite restaurants, service businesses, and retail shops. Old time establishments like the Pizza Post ( still here in Cos Cob), Lou's Post Stationary ( owned by the legendary Lou Caravella ), Bruce Park Sports ( another business still in operation ),  Gordon's Gateway to Sports, Gene's Bicycle Shop ( bottom of the Ave ), and the Greenwich Drug Store were destinations that always brought a smile to my face. Today, while many of the names have changed, small businesses are again the backbone of our local economy and an integral part of our daily lives. Let's all work together and make sure that every business that serves us so well is able to stay afloat until we get to the other side of this crisis. Together, we will not only survive this, we will come out stronger and more unified than ever before.

God bless, and be safe, and stay local.

As always,


Fred Camillo

First Selectmen of Greenwich

Fred is a lifelong Greenwich resident who graduated Greenwich High School in 1980. His professional experience includes being a small business owner having founded Greenwich Recycling Co., and work as a high school teacher, baseball coach and mortgage banker. His community service includes serving the boards of Greenwich Council of Boy Scouts, the Greenwich Baseball Foundation, the Cos Cob Association, and more!