A Sweet Treat

Honeysuckle Chocolate & Candy has a special treat for every sweet tooth.

The candy shop of yesteryear was the spot where little boys and girls would gather for a sweet treat. Colorfully displayed in jars behind the counter were chocolate bars, candy sticks, and lollipops as far as the eye could see. It was a scene that conjured pure delight.

Honeysuckle Chocolate & Candy harkens back to the magic of that old-time candy shop. Jars filled with assorted caramels sit on the counter. Underneath, pecan clusters, cashew grizzlies and peanut butter cups covered in mouth-watering chocolate are showcased in brightly lit displays. The shelves are filled with handmade treats of every variety: jars of Eleni’s miniature cookies, gourmet crispy cakes by The Crispery, boxes of Abdallah chocolates, and Albanese gummies.

Honeysuckle Chocolate & Candy is filled with delicious gifts for children of all ages. Choose from 22 flavors of Hammond’s Chocolate Bars or 13 flavors of Jelly Bellies. They have toffee from Tulsa’s own Goodytwos Toffee Company as well as nostalgic candies like candy sticks, divinity, and ribbon candy at Christmastime. The shining glory is a bar of edible cookie dough, a delectable goodie that can be kept in the fridge for up to 6 months.

Owner Ryan McAdams explains that he aims to have something for everyone and for it to be of the highest quality: “We are very selective about the products we carry. If it isn’t the best version of that item, we don’t bring it in.”  

Adjoined to Honeysuckle is the much-loved Tulsa Toy Depot carrying children’s books, puzzles, games, and toys. Children can join storytime or try out the classic and modern toys on display. Combine the two stores and you have the perfect destination for a family outing this summer! 

TulsaToyDepot.com, 10114 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK, 918.938.0555

"We are trying to cover every sweet category, so that everyone who comes in will find something they love." - Owner Ryan McAdams 

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