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Shape Up For Summer

Owner and Trainer at Alloy Fitness in Holladay, Angela Sudbury explains that it's never too late to get in shape!

Alloy Fitness in Holladay is not a one-size fits all gym. By limiting the training sessions to no more than 6 people, we can focus on proper technique and exercises that are tailored/appropriate for each person.

Why is strength training important?  Functional strength training has so many benefits and is especially important as we age.  This type of strength training improves our full body strength, bone density, mobility, balance, and stability.  Improved strength directly enhances our quality of life as well as sports performance.

Do you have a niche client you’re really effective with? We focus on teaching and performing proper strength training.  Our clients are typically 40+ years old.  We love to train people who are new to strength training and trying to get active again, as well as those who are active and want to add strength training to their routine.

What can clients expect from a session with you? We perform a thorough assessment prior to training, that way we can tailor the workouts for each person.  We demonstrate each exercise and coach clients in every session.  Our studio is welcoming, and our sessions are fun, encouraging, and productive.

What draws you to this line of work? Quality of life is everything and means different things to different people.  Many of our clients golf, ski, play pickleball, hike, etc. so strength training allows them to continue doing what they enjoy.  Good quality of life also includes improved confidence to do daily activities.    

I absolutely LOVE helping my clients improve their quality of life.  The genuine connections my team and I make with our clients are what make Alloy Holladay special.

Who inspires you? I have always been inspired by strong, driven women who step up to help others.  Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and her pursuit of gender equality is at the top of my most admired women list.

What advice would you tell your younger self? I tend to be pretty task oriented.  I should have listened to my mom’s advice earlier in my life which was to “always remember to stop and smell the roses.”  I am trying to do that more nowadays.

Describe your ideal Friday night.  We are the parents of two young adults and a teenager. My ideal Friday night is to have dinner with friends, go home to hang out and visit and have our kids drift in and out and do their things.  I’m pretty simple.

What does beauty mean to you? Women who exude beauty are both confident and kind.

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