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Mary Riley making the world beautiful

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Art, Community and Beauty Unite

Three local artists seek to educate, build community and capture beauty

Article by Rebecca Schweitzer & Todd Haight

Photography by Kevin Shea/Longlong Studio/Mary Riley

Originally published in Troy City Lifestyle

Kevin Shea

Kevin Shea Photography

Kevin's goal as a photographer sounds rather simple: Uncover the hidden beauty in ordinary moments. But it takes extraordinary expertise, an eye for detail and an ear for listening.

"I want to remind people to appreciate the magic that surrounds us. So when I work with people, I love learning about their experiences so I can create portraits that reveal their true personality. No matter the subject, I strive to create images that move the heart and captivate the soul."

His schedule includes a lot of corporate and product work, but he says people are still the key. "I like the dance of figuring out who they really are. As they tell me what they care about, I capture that true moment when their eyes change, their smile appears or their body language opens."

He admits photography may not seem like art to some people, but adds, "Photographers have the ability to capture truth – moments that give you perspective. The art of it is in the lighting, the angle, the composition, the color, the objects in the background, and in the end, you come out with an image that communicates something about them."

Longlong Zhou

Longlong Art Studio

Longlong's passion for art, her students and culture shines the moment you walk into Longlong Art Studio. Longlong, an artist and educator, directs the studio, which offers art education for children and adults. In addition to education, she sees art as a means of cultural exchange for the Asian American community.

Longlong Art Studio leads an annual Chinese Culture Day at a Detroit Public Schools magnet school to teach cultural art and practices. 

Students of the studio undergo an interview process to determine their artistic skills and goals in order for Longlong and her staff to create a tailored program.

Her students receive the best training and many opportunities. Over the past several years, her students have exhibited their artwork at The Detroit Institute of Arts, led a live art demonstration with the NBA, showcased their artwork at Detroit Symphony Orchestra events and displayed artwork at the Troy Public Library – where it still lives today.

The studio and its students have received numerous awards. The International Scholastic Art Contest recognized Longlong for her excellence in artistic education, while her students have received over 80 awards in the OCCAAF International Youth Arts Contest. One of her students had their work featured as a Google Doodle.

For more about Longlong and her studio, visit

Mary Riley

Mary Riley, Professional Makeup Artist

Mary may be a professional makeup artist, but she offers more than a beautiful face of makeup. With over 15 years of experience in the makeup industry, Mary brings her expertise to photoshoots, magazines, weddings, bridal parties, and other special events.

She also shares her knowledge of makeup and the industry in workshops and makeup classes. 

Mary's workshops function as a crash course for those looking to become makeup artists themselves. Many cosmetology programs take a long time and don’t always come with the knowledge needed for booking clients and growing a business.

For the clients interested in learning to perfect their own makeup, Mary offers both group classes and one-on-one lessons. The group classes are usually hosted by a client who invites friends to join.

Mary books classes for girls' weekends, bachelorette parties, teen slumber parties, birthday parties and more. She also offers private lessons and courses on becoming a makeup artist and can tailor classes to any purpose and age group.

To top it off, Mary also has her own line of makeup, FAME Cosmetics. Visit or call (248)982-6718. 

"I capture that true moment when their eyes change, their smile appears or their body language opens." – Kevin Shea

  • Longlong Zhou with some of her students at Longlong Art Studio
  • Mary Riley making the world beautiful
  • Picture perfect: A Kevin Shea selfie