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Evoke Customs creates eye-grabbing vinyl graphics that get companies noticed.

Cars, Cars, Cars! Evoke Customs is no stranger to the Southern California car scene. In 2019, they sponsored and held one of the largest Thursday evening car show events in Southern California history near Savi Ranch with over 4,000 people in attendance and nearly 700 cars. From Lamborghinis and Ferraris to Acuras, Fords, Teslas, and everything in between. People came from as far north as Santa Barbara and from as far south as San Diego. The event “Exotic Nights” was marketed exclusively on social media and had several successful follow-up events prior to the beginning of Covid.

Evoke Customs moved to Yorba Linda in 2018 and is a small business owned by father and son team Edward and Brendon. Like many people, Edward has always had a passion for fun, fast vehicles, and has always believed in a strong family bond. Both siblings, Brendon and his sister Kelly, learned to ride motorcycles by the time they were 3 years old, and Mom, Sarah, has even raced in a national motocross event named the “Hare and Hound” race in Johnson Valley on her race quad. The entire family has been RVing and off-roading for the past couple of decades, going to Lake Havasu with their boat and driving locally on weekly car cruises. 

With a passion for fun, Edward and Brendon started Evoke Customs Fleet and Exotic Car Wraps, where Brendon manages the personal vehicle side of the business, and Edward manages the commercial side of the business. Many people are not fully aware of what vinyl wrapping is, but when they learn about it, they immediately become amazed by the extent of the creativity involved as well as the numerous types of applications that vinyl can be applied to. Vinyl wrapping is applied to all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, trailers, off-road vehicles, and boats. Evoke wraps all types of service and delivery vehicles, semi-trucks, and even forklifts for businesses. 

Vinyl designs are also applied to windows and all sorts of wall murals, from kids’ rooms, man-caves, school gyms, and locker rooms. Vinyl wrapping has now replaced artistic paint applications because the designs are limitless and you have full control of the design process to get exactly what you want.

Evoke has full-time graphic designers on staff who have helped hundreds of Southern California’s car, home, and business owners create their own unique extensions of their personal style through the vinyl wrapping.  

Evoke has expanded by helping business owners get more business and increase sales from their vehicles through commercial wraps. Taking decades of design experience used to create designs for high-end exotic vehicles, Evoke has created a niche within the industry and is now known as the “premium” commercial fleet wrap company. While there are many sign and graphics companies who can wrap vehicles, very few have the overall experience with designing and customization of high-end vehicles which has helped to set Evoke Customs apart from most of the other fleet wrap shops here on the West Coast. Evoke has the ability to not only create impactful designs on commercial vehicles but also take their designs a step further, making you and your company stand out from the competition. 

With traffic congestion coming back quickly onto Southern California roads and highways, the Orange County Transit Authority reports that in 2019, the average daily vehicle count on the 91 freeway was over 300,000 vehicles per day. How many times have you driven on a freeway and seen a white work vehicle drive by with no graphics, company name, or phone number? We all have. Most of our customers have reported new sales within 30 days of driving their vehicle on the road. A wrapped vehicle is a one-time investment that continues to pay for itself. With 300,000 sets of eyes per day on the local freeways, why not wrap your vehicle so you can get your company noticed? 

If you are interested in growing sales, give Edward and Brendon a call and let them help you get noticed.

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