Back to Basics with Dr. Nick Davis

Meet the South Dayton-based Family Concierge Medicine Practitioner Putting the “Health” Back in Healthcare

Article by Arielle Jordan

Photography by Roxann Patrick and Davis Family

Originally published in Centerville Lifestyle

It was a snowy day in South Dayton when I met with Dr. Nick Davis in his Miamisburg office. But before I could even hang my coat, the doctor greeted me in his reception room with a warm and cheerful disposition. I got to sit down with him to talk about his new concierge family practice, Nick Davis, MD, and Associates, and how he’s taking family medicine - and even his own personal health habits - “back to basics.”

When did you know you wanted to become a doctor?

I know it's cliche to say this, but since middle school; that’s when I realized I could combine my love of science with my love of helping people. I didn’t know I wanted to practice family medicine until after four years of undergrad and four years of med school, when a mentor told me that family medicine encompassed all of the various areas of medicine I was interested in. The rest, as they say, is history! I’ve been practicing family medicine for over a decade now.

Why did you decide to practice in the Dayton area?

My wife and I met in high school working at Dorothy Lane Market. After graduating from The Ohio State University, my wife and I moved back to Dayton as I was attending medical school at Wright State University. Staying in town for my family medicine residency at Good Samaritan Hospital allowed us to stay close to our family and the job my wife loved. Growing up in an Air Force family, I’ve lived in a few different places, but one of the many things I love about Dayton - besides the cost of living and being a great place to raise a family - is having four seasons!

What do you wish more people knew about the field of medicine and concierge medicine in general?

One of the things that always sticks with me is how in my 11 years of being a network doctor, people would come in with their issue and say, “I’m sorry to bother you.” I am a doctor; it’s never a bother to see you! But people have become so used to being rushed in and out of their doctor’s office - that basic human connection is all too often lost in network medicine these days. I love having a concierge practice now because I can take my time with my patients. I like them to think of me as “the doctor in the family” they can see anytime.

What's unique about the concierge medicine model? What are the benefits to patients?

With concierge medicine, a yearly membership includes a full physical with blood work and all subsequent visits are covered throughout the year, including video and phone calls. Unlike the average network doctor who may have up to 2,000-3,000 patients annually and only a few minutes to see each patient in the exam room, I cap my patient count at 600 and have 30-90 minutes with them depending on the type of visit. My average wait time is less than 10 minutes and I can see many of my patients the same day they call. Because of my accessibility, I’m helping my patients be more proactively well. It’s actual “health” care versus “sick” care. Moreover, as a Ms.Medicine-affiliated practice, I have advanced training in women’s health addressing often-complex health needs of my female patients, including menopause, sexual health, bone health and more. 

What do your patients say about you as a doctor? 

They say I am extremely accessible and that I take the time to listen and explain. There is an educational approach to my practice - my job isn’t to tell you what you have to do. It’s to give you options and rank them based on what I think is the best and why. They would also say that I’m extremely passionate about what I do and that I take a genuine interest in every individual I see.

How do you and your family go about practicing healthy habits regularly?

My wife and I are big proponents of eating organic foods as much as possible to avoid things with hormones and that are genetically modified. We started raising our own free-range chickens to produce organic eggs and have our own vegetable garden. The younger kids love it! Although our three kids are all very active, we make it a point to eat dinner together at the table together most nights. It not only guarantees that we all eat a healthy meal, but it also gives my wife and I a chance to check in on them as far as school, their friends, etc. Family meal time together is scientifically proven to reduce mental stress, depression and diabetes in kids.

When it comes to overall health, is there any small change that can make a really big difference?

Increase your water intake and physical movement. Drinking more water can help with weight loss, migraines, blood pressure and improve skin, to name a few. Physical activity, at any age, is also important and it doesn’t have to be some big undertaking - simply walking more or starting a new hobby, like dancing, can make a significant difference in your overall health.

To learn more about Nick Davis, MD, and Associates or to become a patient, visit or call 937-530-3622.

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