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Be Boise Nice

The Treasure Valley Plogs Again

Article by Chelsea Chambers

Photography by Boise Nice

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Plog (verb), plogging, to plog. The act of jogging (or walking) while picking up litter

Sounds easy enough, right? So, the question is not “to plog or not to plog” but rather “where to plog and for how long?” To which the answer is a resounding: “Always and everywhere!”

Rourke O’Brien—co-founder of Boise Nice Project, alongside Julia Kertz Grant—has a soft spot for being good, and for that he is obviously in the perfect place, one of the nicest cities on earth: Boise, Idaho. A place where smiles on the sidewalk are commonplace. Where generosity abounds. Where goodness spreads and the streets are clean.

Rourke’s idea for the 501(c)(3) Boise Nice began after his move here from Seattle. It was immediately apparent that there was something special about Boise, something nice. And in the spring of 2021, Boise Nice took root, to spread the message of kindness and community with the entire Treasure Valley and beyond.

One of their many efforts is an experience called Boise Plogs. The concept of “plogging” originated in Sweden in 2016 and is the act of jogging and picking up litter. The goal is to spread the goodness to our community and planet, keeping our streets, neighborhoods, and waterways clean and free of harmful debris.

“Boise Plogs 2023 will take place beginning April 17—the beginning of Earth Week and concluding on April 22 (Earth Day) with a celebration at Green Acres Food Truck Park,” shares Rourke. And to further sweeten the pot, the first 250 people to register will receive a commemorative tumbler with coupons inside!

But before we lose you to the mere thought of running, you don’t have to actually jog in order to plog. “You can walk, hop, skip or jump to participate in Boise Plogs!” said Rourke, with a laugh. “The ultimate goal of Boise Plogs isn’t just to have people participate in picking up litter on a single day or week, but to embrace it as part of the community as a whole and taking ownership of the environment they live in by first, not littering to begin with, but also by picking up small bits of litter as a way of life. It’s part of the Boise vibe to keep our city clean before things start to pile up. Think of Boise Plogs as a family opportunity to spend time together and show though action what’s important.”

Registration for Boise Plogs will begin March 1, 2023 on the Boise Nice website: You can register individually or as a team, so grab your friends and get plogging!

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