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Nourish Skin Studio Offers Luxury Skincare

It all began when Tunde Nessan represented luxury skincare brands for the luxury Canadian department store Holt Renfrew. Even as she pursued her nursing career, the world of beauty allured her. After having both of her children, she began to focus on the beauty and wellness space, and opened a spa and apothecary in Ontario. As she says, beautifully formulated face oils changed the game—not just for her skin, but now for her clients, as well.

“In the luxury skincare industry women are conditioned to treat the skin abrasively, leaving the dermis weakened and susceptible to dry, aging, and uneven skin texture. This is where a change in your skincare regimen makes a difference,” Nessan says.

Nessan quickly noticed that she couldn’t find a studio or spa that offered the clean luxury beauty and the facials that she felt were needed.

“A proper facial includes the neck, the décolletage, and a scalp massage. It doesn't just stop at the face,” she explains. “All products we curate in the studio and online are what we use in our facials—there are no secret backbar products. It’s what keeps the authenticity and realness between the client and the esthetician.”

This past February, Nessan opened Nourish Skin Studio in Scottsdale. There, she redefines what she calls “a foundational beauty experience” as she educates and customizes her bespoke facials for every client. Using her extensive knowledge and skill, she orients her facials around results that replenish the skin. 

She brings her experience of years of product and brand cherry-picking, as well as from working with severe acne, uneven skin textures, rosacea, and many types of blemishes and skin concerns.

Through the years her passion has become a family endeavor. Her children have developed a preference in their skin regimens—her son is a firm face oil user and her daughter is dedicated when it comes to skincare, always seeking out brands, and ingredient sourcing with her mother.

“You begin to appreciate the skin you wear 24/7,” says her daughter, Elisha, who built and manages the digital side of Nourish Skin Care.

Nourish features a variety of facials, skincare help, and massages, as well as a variety of impactful skincare products.

Not only does the family have a great love for animals, but Elisha’s beloved bunny is featured on the products, exclaiming, “Not only is the skincare edibly clean, but in fact is always cruelty-free, remembering that animals should never be subjected to being tested on with skincare formulations (or anything for that matter).”

“Your skin is your largest organ, and it should be handled with care and grace—especially when it comes to thinner areas such as the face,” Nessan says. “Beauty isn’t built from the outside, it's built in combination from the inside out.”

This founder, educator, mother, and facialist dives into the depths of naturally curated skincare and esthetics to provide the most fitting facial offerings, and what it truly means to experience luxury beauty.