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An Oasis with No Exclusivity

Entering Broads Lounge is an escape from modernity as patrons step into a different era transporting them to an Art Nouveau oasis. With televisions playing black and white classics from the forties and fifties and promises of the Nashville Women in Jazz and other female musical acts on the horizon, Broads brings a new dynamic to the cocktail scene in Chattanooga and it’s everything the city has been missing. 

Kristiana Mallo & Bailey Cole, owners of vegan restaurant, Cashew, dreamt of a place unlike anything Chattanooga has ever seen and they have done just that. Kristiana and Bailey’s mission was to create a place with zero exclusivity, a place that exuded safety, and a place that allowed people from all backgrounds to feel at home. With a long-standing appreciation for the term “Broads,” Kristiana was inspired by a friend who would often use the term, which dates back to the 1900s, in reference to any female figure. As they launched this endeavor, Kristiana and Bailey wanted to take the negative connotation from the term and put their own spin on it.

From the moment you meet Kristiana, her innate sense of style is immediately apparent. An avid vintage shopper since she was 14 years old, Kristiana has always been a lover of antiques. This was not overlooked when creating the aesthetic of Broads! Kristiana had many muses behind the retro chic decor but one that stands out is JoJo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge in Atlanta. Hargis Studio played a role in branding as they are responsible for the logo design, menu design and uniforms. 

Many bars today are stocked with popular brands of spirits with which most are familiar. However, as trailblazers in their industry, Kristiana and Bailey knew they wanted to take a different approach and showcase uncommon female-owned brands. Setting themselves apart from most lounges in the state, they’ve curated a decadent menu with cocktails that are uniquely refreshing and memorably named (i.e. “Moira Rose” and “Sasha Fierce”). The team is passionate about creating flavor-forward cocktails that you can't find and combine at home, so after exploring numerous cocktail lounges throughout the Southeast, they curated the perfect taste list without over-saturating a classic beverage. 

Not only is the Broads team knowledgeable about creating flavor-forward cocktails, they are also armed with the knowledge and history of the women-owned spirits. Bailey has conducted extensive research when sourcing the products and narrowing down by Tennessee distributors. Currant Cassis, an all natural 16% ABV sipper made by Rachael Petach in the Hudson Valley, is one of the many unique brands the Broads team has brought to Chattanooga and as their concepts evolve, they will be a pillar for bringing brand awareness. Most of the women creating their own spirits come from all over the world but one can be found a bit closer to home! Gate 11 Distillery, based right out of the Choo Choo in downtown Chattanooga, is also part female owner and operated. Wanda, the brand's distiller and business manager, left the peaceful life of a retired schoolteacher to join husband Bill in developing Gate 11 Distillery and her contributions to the company have been profound.  Wanda continues to play a major role in new product development at Gate 11.

This is just the beginning of what’s to come for Broads Lounge! Keep an eye out for their quarterly feminist book club, local DJs, and weekly dance nights.

Cheers to all you, Broads!

Broads brings a new dynamic to the cocktail scene in Chattanooga and it’s everything the city has been missing.