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Cambridge Square Pool & Clubhouse

A Resort-Style Pool with a Social and Fitness Facility

One of the largest residential pools in the area, the private pool at Cambridge Square was designed to mirror the rich design patterns of the homes and streetscapes within the residential district of the community. Conceptually created with both fun and relaxation in mind, the Cambridge pool offers a sweeping patio deck of Italian tile, manicured landscape beds for increased privacy, a turf play area for outdoor games, and a mushroom splash pad for younger swimmers.

Access to the pool is controlled by electronic keycards to ensure exclusive use by residents, and parking is conveniently located in immediate proximity. The pool may be rented for private events, and also serves as a destination for community gatherings on holidays and other special occasions.

The clubhouse at Cambridge Square is a full-service social and fitness facility created
exclusively for residents of the community. There is a catering kitchen and great room for
entertaining, a gas fireplace, a cardio and free-wight exercise room with space for
personalized instruction and trainers, restrooms and showers, and a covered patio for
poolside events. The clubhouse can be rented for special occasions and private parties.
Adjacent to the clubhouse and pool is a neighborhood park with sidewalk trails that
connect to the residential and commercial districts and a great lawn for activities or leisure.