Color Your World

Inspire Your Heart by Painting Your Walls

Article by Cheyenne Forbes

Photography by Courtesy Morroni Custom Painting

Originally published in Media City Lifestyle

In works of art, the use of color can evoke different emotions personally. As Dan Morroni puts it, “Color is so intrinsic in the spectrum of humans without us actually realizing that.” 

Color has an effect on our mood, and this channels through the clothes we wear, the items we purchase—even in the way we use colors throughout our homes. Dan Morroni, owner of Morroni Custom Painting, uses color to help people create their perfect “sanctuary”, whether that be their home or business.

“When it comes to the sanctuary of somebody’s home, color will actually transmute emotions,” said Dan. “I’m trying to build a sanctuary… to where each room is specific for that emotion of what that person is trying to feel in each in every single room of their house.” 

If you’re looking for peace and tranquility, shades of blue, as well as beige or ivory can bring forth that calming feeling. If you need something that feels energetic and bright, colors like orange or medium yellow might be what you’re looking for. Green is thought to relieve stress and support health. Brown evokes feelings of warmth and security. Dan is always ready to give advice if a customer isn’t sure what they’re looking for.

As people replace items or change things in their homes, it creates a sense of newness. The same can be said for changing the color of a room. “It alters your path. Emotions and memories that are with that room at that time in that color—and then you change it to a completely different color and it’s just like, everything starts fresh,” Dan explained.  “It’s almost like a new chapter!”

When it comes to painting homes, Dan absolutely loves it. “It’s instantly gratifying for me to watch the transformation from one color to the new color,” he said. “I do like to know that I am providing a service that a customer is going to have in their home. I’m leaving at least a 10-year mark—or less, or more—on somebody’s life.”


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