Mid-Year Motivation

Dig Deep to Find the Determination to Keep Going

Article by Justin Levine

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Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and welcoming 2022 with energy and enthusiasm.  Boy, does time fly!  We have now moved through the first half of the year and the million-dollar question is, “How’s that fitness routine going?”  In particular, the New Year is a time where people begin with ambitious goals and an eagerness to “make changes in life."  This is not a bad thing.  I encourage all people to set big goals and pursue them with hustle and determination.  However, many people who start out too fast on their fitness or lifestyle change end up fading after a few weeks.

There could be many reasons (or excuses) that could derail one’s pursuit of fitness and health.  It is harder than people think to build a lifestyle centered around health and well-being.  Today’s society leads us to inactivity and sedentary living.  We are sitting more, eating more and doing less.  With each day more Americans are getting out of shape.  We must reconsider the way we live our daily lives.  

Whether it is a New Year’s resolution or a mid-year goal to lose weight or get fit, the focus must be to build a healthy lifestyle.  When we set out on any goal, it is our daily habits and routines that will determine success (or lack thereof).  “You do not rise to the level of your goals.  You fall to the level of your daily systems,” according to James Clear in Atomic Habits.  If getting in shape or losing a few pounds is your goal, focus on the habits that are needed to achieve a leaner physique.  Daily water intake. Weekly strength and cardio workouts.  Adequate and healthy nutrition.  Quality sleep.  More daily activity like walking and moving.  Consistently executing on the mentioned habits will inch you towards a healthier, leaner and more durable body. 

In fitness, there seems to be a shortsighted approach to the time and effort that is needed to rebuild the lifestyle.  Many people think it will just happen.  Like, if we just think about getting in shape, or losing weight, or eating healthier or running the marathon, it will just magically happen.  No one has that power.  WE. MUST. DO. THE. WORK.  And when I say "do the work," building habits and routines take time.  Commit for the long haul.  Do not give up when things get hard or when you miss a day.  Dig deep and find that determination to keep going. If you can be consistent, over time, you will build a lifestyle that supports your fitness journey.  When you have built that lifestyle, you become more likely to stick to your healthy habits and routines. 

Here's to good health and fitness!

Justin Levine is the general manager at The Gym on 8th and Main.  He has been a personal trainer, motivational speaker and freelance author for over 20 years.  To connect with Justin, you can email him at justinlevinecoaching@gmail.com

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