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Cool Summer Treats!

The Best Local Spots for the Family to Enjoy Sweet and Creamy Treats.

Need to cool off this summer? Are the kids screaming for ice cream? Well, these spots are committed to helping our community and sweet tooth!

MochiMoly In Millburn:

Recently opened in March 2022, MochiMoly is the perfect spot to visit if the family wants to try something new for dessert and offers traditional Asian Rice cakes (mochi) with an American twist. Come try their popular Mochi Donuts or Korean Hotdogs! What I enjoyed the most was their spin on Korean street food, Ho-tteok! The Korean street food is a pancake made with rice flour and when paired with ice cream, chocolate syrup, and fresh fruit, your taste buds will be in a frenzy. MochiMoly’s desserts are unlike any I’ve ever had. I can honestly say they’re accomplishing their mission of providing customers with a quality product and a lesson on traditional Korean desserts!

Scoops In Chatham:

From their involvement with The Chatham Fire Department, Educational Foundation, PTO, and Garden Club, you’ve definitely heard of “Scoops”. Nothing’s better than ice cream in the park, and that’s exactly what you can find in downtown Chatham at Scoops’ patio. Conveniently next to Memorial Park, Scoops is the perfect spot for families to enjoy creatively named flavors, like Maine Black Bear, Fly Fishing Fudge, and even Vegan Coffee Cake.

Beenie’s In Morristown:

Beenie’s, named after their family dog, is the pride and joy of Morristown resident Tony Franco and his wife Andrea. The ice cream power couple spent their first moments together opening Beenie’s and setting out to provide customers with “awesome ice cream” in an immersive and welcoming environment. Customers can enjoy unique flavors such as Honey Lavender, Shirley Temple, and Minecraft (named after the popular video game) made from their one-of-a-kind recipe that is sure to leave you speechless. Decorated like Beenie’s home and backyard, enjoy some quality ice cream, and feel the same comfort and care as Beenie!

Mendham Creamery In Mendham:

Owned by local residents, Rosie and Rob D’Urso. The Creamery is part of the Mendham community, as a local meeting spot for kids and families to spend time together, celebrate special occasions, and of course, enjoy great ice cream. In addition, the owners support various local fundraisers and employ a team of local high school kids. Monthly, the creamery provides books fitting a certain theme so kids can enjoy their ice cream with a story. From March to October try popular flavors like Sea Salted Caramel Cookies and Cream, and for the kids, Cotton Candy! They’re also committed to serving those with allergies or dietary issues with gluten-free and non-dairy options. There is no seating inside but a wide stepped entrance; like The Spanish Steps in Italy, people sit outside with their kids and dogs enjoying ice cream and walking around town! The Creamery’s committed to their motto “Making it a better community”.