Drop and Give Me 20

BODY20's Electro-Muscle Stimulation Makes the Most of 20 Minutes

Each New Year’s Eve, people all over the world gather with friends and family for a night of revelry. We devour delicious food and sip sparkling libations. We play games and dance and wear silly glasses that are, against all odds, made from the New Year’s numbers. 

The next morning, we rise late and begin the work of tackling our resolutions. Some of us endeavor to learn a new language or get organized or read more. Others resolve to get out of debt or devote their free time to giving back to their communities. And, perhaps more than anything, millions commit to a healthier lifestyle. Vegetable sales soar, liquor sales drop, and gyms experience a dramatic increase in new memberships. 

Whether you practice Dry January, commit to Meatless Mondays, or claw your way through throngs of gym-goers to claim an elliptical, there’s something exciting and novel about starting off the New Year with a focus on your health. At first. But, a few weeks into the New Year, a morning meeting may get added to your calendar at the same time as your favorite cardio class or your toddler may decide a tantrum is more important than your abs. It isn’t long before many of us revert back to old habits as the demands of daily life encroach. 

Whether you’re a busy professional or a parent – or both! – it can be a struggle to find time to fit a regular fitness regimen into your routine. It’s even harder to stay in shape with each passing year. Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym each day getting ripped. And if you’re over 35? There’s a good chance your body simply can’t handle weight training like it did when you were younger. It can be frustrating and disheartening to discover you’re no longer as toned as you once were, and attempting to regain your strength without sacrificing personal and professional commitments can seem daunting.

Fortunately, there’s hope.

First pioneered in Europe in the 1970s for top professional athletes, Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a wearable technology worn as part of a unique personal training concept designed to provide users with amazing strength and cardio training results in only one or two 20 minute sessions each week. The first personal training EMS studios for the wider consumer market opened in 2007 in Germany and then spread across Europe, South Africa and other international markets before finally arriving in the United States in 2017 with the launch of the first BODY20 studio in South Florida.

Those who suit up enjoy the amazing and fun experience of using the fastest growing and most unique exercise technology available today.

BODY20’s EMS technology generates electrical impulses to stimulate and engage up to 90% of a person’s skeletal muscle mass, causing up to 36,000 muscle contractions in a single 20-minute training session, versus approximately 1,000-1,500 in a 90-minute conventional strength workout, all with simple movements and without heavy weights or any strain on tendons, ligaments, and joints. As such, a single 20-minute strength session replaces multiple sessions and hours of traditional training in the gym.

If you give it a try – and you should since your first session is free – you will not only get back substantial amounts of precious time each week, you will also experience numerous other health benefits. BODY20 workouts help correct muscular imbalances, boost metabolism, accelerate weight loss, and much more.

While the typical BODY20 member is in their upper 30s to late 50s, members include those as young as 18 and several in their 70s. In fact, not only is BODY20 FDA cleared  and safe for all clients, it is also one of the few exercise programs that can help seniors maintain muscle mass, gain strength, and increase bone density, mitigating the substantial risks of osteoporosis and injuries from falls. It’s also ideal for those recovering from injuries and graduating from electrical stimulation therapy or other rehabilitation protocols and is often the only exercise routine safe for such people during their recovery.

While it may sound too good to be true, members attest that their lives have dramatically improved in just a few months.

Jake G. raves, “The results have been nothing short of amazing. I’ve improved my endurance, strength, and overall cardiovascular fitness. I’m achieving similar results in just two 20-minute sessions per week that used to take me five days a week at the gym.”

Kerry B., a Founding Member, joined during presale while she was pregnant with her third child and shares,  “BODY20 made an incredible difference in my postpartum recovery!  I recovered so much faster than I did after my first two pregnancies.”

And while Bev W. wasn’t focused on weight loss, just a desire to feel better, she gushes, “I have already gone down a size. I’m not winded going up stairs. I feel amazing!”

One of BODY20’s coaches, Tricia, is a personal trainer who also teaches yoga and spin classes. According to Tricia, “Through my years of working in the fitness industry, I have developed numerous aches and pains. This has been a game-changer for me. It’s a great way to load the muscles without overloading the joints. It is one of the most effective and efficient strength workouts and in just a few months I’ve seen significant strength and muscle definition improvements.”

BODY20 EMS strength and advanced cardio training have disrupted and democratized the US market for personal training services – offering a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to traditional personal training. Additionally, a key component of the program is weekly comprehensive body composition analysis with the use of our InBody body scanning system.

Using the InBody, coaches are able to measure more than just body weight and body fat percentage. InBody measures visceral fat surrounding your major organs, muscular imbalances, intra and extracellular water, resting metabolism rate and more. Trained coaches then review progress with our members every 6 weeks, so they know exactly how they are tracking against their personal goals. Watching and, more importantly, feeling the improvements keeps members coming back again and again.

BODY20 studios provide a premium, boutique personal fitness experience, and EMS-certified coaches deliver personalized training programs that are tailored for each member’s goals and designed to help you achieve optimal results.

Interested in suiting up with BODY20? 

To really understand the potential of BODY20, you have to experience the workout for yourself. Everyone receives their first workout for free, so you have nothing to lose! It’s important you arrive for your session properly hydrated. Since your full BODY20 wearables will be provided in-studio, typical gym clothes aren’t needed. Gone are the days of “accidentally” forgetting to pack your gym bag. 

BODY20 McKinney North is located at 1620 North Hardin Blvd, Ste. 800 and may be reached at 469-324-3268. BODY20 Watters Creek is located at 926 Watters Creek Blvd. in Allen and can be reached at 469-270-3916. 

BODY20 McKinney North and BODY20 Watters Creek are owned by Nancy Miller. After a 35-year career as a professional engineer and project management professional building facilities across the globe, she changed career paths to help people improve their lives.  

There’s something exciting and novel about starting off the New Year with a focus on your health. At first.

BODY20 workouts help correct muscular imbalances, boost metabolism, accelerate weight loss, and much more.

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