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Eating Clean

Lena Dabish Makes Eating Healthy Easy and Delicious

“In 2009, I weighed over 300 pounds due to simply not taking care of my health,” says Lena Dabish, owner of Clean Eats Healthy Fit Kitchen in West Bloomfield. “I started seeing a trainer who inspired me to not only change my life by taking charge of my health, but to start my business. My trainer (and still one of my closest friends to this day) suggested I build on my newfound passion and Clean Eats was quickly born.”

“Healthy eating is easy when you prepare yourself with the right foods,” says Lena, and her mission at Clean Eats to do the hard work for you so eating right is a snap. “We deliver and offer customized pick-up every Monday and Tuesday from our kitchen on Commerce Road, and this summer we launched our Clean Eats To-Go concept. Right next to our kitchen, we opened a self-serve market where you can access our 35+ meals, proteins, salads, healthy snacks, and drinks, seven days a week from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. We also stock our ready-to-eat vegan and vegetarian meals at Woodward Corner Market—we’re making it easier than ever to access healthy, clean meals all made from scratch.”

Clean Eats’ meals are healthy, scratch-made, and incorporate organic vegetables when available. Additionally, any and all dietary restrictions and preferences can be accommodated, setting them apart from other meal prep companies. “We have a fantastic five for $50 meal plan so guests can enjoy a variety of flavors throughout the week,” says Lena. “Some of our fan favorites include Greek Chicken Bowl, Spicy Chicken with Sweet Potatoes, Very Teriyaki, and Muscle Lover with Piedmontese Beef.” With salads, sandwich kits, treats, and more, “You’ll never get bored with our menu.”