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Artistic Alchemy and Interior Brilliance with Binkley Nash

Article by Patti Gordon

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Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Ashlee Nash is no stranger to creative styling and nailing the details. But owning and operating a local powerhouse furniture and interior design business seems to have been what Ashlee was made for.

While in her mid-20s and establishing herself in the furniture and design industry, Ashlee graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in interior design. She worked at a residential furniture shop honing her own craft and learning the proverbial ropes. While an amazing experience in itself, it was here that she received the opportunity of a lifetime. When Mike Binkley, owner of Gallatin's Binkley Furniture House, was ready to retire, he personally reached out to Ashlee to gauge her interest in carrying on the legacy of Sumner County's oldest furniture store. She jumped at the opportunity and has since confidently grown the capacity and capabilities of the business with grace and expertise.

Armed with her own knowledge, experience and ambition, Ashlee readily took on the challenge and even began adding her own flair to the business. Mr. Binkley guided her through the intricacies of now being a business owner and emphasized the importance of fostering customer relationships, which had always been at the core of their operations.

As a tribute to Mr. Binkley, and to honor the history of the business, Ashlee rebranded the store from Binkley Furniture House to, now, Binkley Nash Furniture and Design. This rebranding also brought about the addition of an on-site Interior Designer and a full design team–a concept rarely found at furniture storefronts.

Using her degree in interior design, Ashlee provides her services for commercial, residential and even new construction projects. She has extensive experience in designing new homes from the ground up and also offers local independent designers the opportunity to collaborate at the Binkley Nash showroom. Ashlee's portfolio includes a diverse range of projects from banks to funeral homes to high-rise rentals, modern and traditional homes, beachfront properties and luxury cabins in the Smoky Mountains. Additionally, Binkley Nash provides free, local deliveries and installations as a way to ensure her personal touch.

Ashlee also continued the Binkley Nash tradition of maintaining a family business. Ashlee’s mother, Tonya, serves as the store manager and assists with various projects. Her father, Dave, is responsible for managing the warehouse and coordinating deliveries. Her children, Anna Jayne and Rand, have the opportunity to create lasting memories by helping their mom and grandparents in the afternoons after school. Additionally, Ashlee's close family friend, Beth Brown, helps with office and warehouse needs. Ashlee continued to expand her team by hiring Gallatin native Chloe Collier Brooks, an in-house Interior Designer who obtained her degree in interior design in Florence, Italy, and has an eye for both local and international design.

Ashlee knows the importance of relationships: “I serve second and third generation clients that were served by Mr. Binkley. It’s an honor that these families treat me as one of their own and in return, they feel like family to me. I’ve had clients come in and rock my own babies as I help them with their design needs. My marketing is referral-based from my clients, and the relationships I build with them are important."

While Binkley Nash services and provides all aesthetic styles and furnishings, Ashlee says perhaps her favorite styling will always be the classic Southern look. “But, I don’t allow overtaking a client's home with what I want or prefer. I like to apply my knowledge and education to create a space that reflects what the client wants and loves.”

What are the future plans for Binkley Nash? "We have an established, ideal location. Additionally, my husband owns two funeral homes in Sumner County (Sumner Funeral and Cremation), keeping us constantly busy. We reside, attend church in, and support the small businesses of Sumner County with a strong focus on giving back to our community."

Although Ashlee’s talent and hard work are what continue to draw clients to Binkley Nash, it's always her heart and sincere customer service that win them over. “I’m honored that I get to help people make a house feel like a home to them.”


It’s an honor that these families treat me as one of their own and in return, they feel like family to me.

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