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Everything is Beautiful

For as long as she can remember, Loraine Foushee’s insatiable appreciation for aesthetics has played a major role in her perception of the world. And, to her, living in Smyrna has been an important piece of her professional and personal puzzles. Loraine is a filmmaker and photographer and finds inspiration in the faces and places that make her hometown special.

We caught up with Loraine to chat about her work.

SVL: Blame it on Loraine is an intriguing name for your company. We love it. Why did you launch your business?

LF: Starting my business was a way for me to visually capture the people, places, and things that I find intriguing, incorporate my creative interpretations, and share them with clients, other artists, and the general public. I’m not sure how many people get to take pleasure in their work but I am among the fortunate few who do. My business is not profit driven; it’s all about passion. 

SVL: What makes the Smyrna/Vinings area a good place for your creative business?

LF: Having once been a resident of Smyrna I have always appreciated the natural beauty of the city. The landscape and small town vibe is welcoming and over the years, as the area has expanded, the community has become more diverse. And with diversity comes varied interest. Creativity, at its core, is all about the sharing of varied points of view. How we see the world should be creatively expressed if we are inclined to do so, and the Smyrna/Vinings area is the perfect place for this exchange of creative energies to take place.

SVL: You must meet some fabulous people. How do you make your subjects feel comfortable during a shoot?

LF: “Fabulous people” is an understatement. Atlanta and the surrounding areas are teeming with some of the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and of course “fabulous people” in the world. Believe it or not, the camera is the ultimate icebreaker. A brief dialogue, often concerning my camera and equipment, creates a near-instant rapport between my clients and I, comfort is easily established. My clients become my friends as we take a creative journey toward their photography goals. 

SVL: Where, in Smyrna and Vinings do you love to hang out?

LF: The Smyrna Market Village is one of my favorite places. Everything I love about the area is right there. I have been to the Village for business and pleasure many times over the years. The intimate atmosphere is both inspiring and relaxing. My camera loves it there and so do I.

  • Loraine Foushee,  Blame It On Loraine A Foushee Film Company,  IG: @blameitonloraine