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Experience Chattanooga Provides All-Inclusive Guided Adventures Unlike Any Other

With a nickname like “The Scenic City,” it is no secret that Chattanooga is well-known for its captivating charm.  Known for undeniably vast landscapes with hiking trails minutes from downtown, Chattanooga has become an outdoor destination for countless travelers looking for adventure.  “Most people come to Chattanooga to see Ruby Falls and Rock City, then cross Chattanooga off the list.  The reality is that they haven’t even scratched the surface of what Chattanooga really has to offer. There is just so much more to see,” Hope and Ryan Maum, the founders of Experience Chattanooga told us.

Established in November 2018, Experience Chattanooga has become a trailblazer for guided hiking tours in the area.  The idea was sparked when Hope and Ryan, who were working in the restaurant industry, were constantly asked for advice about where to experience local outdoor ventures.  Hope recalls, “We would try to explain to visitors how Chattanooga is such a big outdoor city and that there is so much to do.  However, in doing so, we noticed a disconnect between telling people where to go and them actually finding the places on their own without getting lost.”  Encounters like these led the Maums to bridge a gap to provide people with the opportunity to experience the sights of Chattanooga without worrying about the logisitics of how to do so. 

As the first company in Tennessee to obtain a Tennessee State Park commercial tour guide permit, Experience Chattanooga has led hundreds of people on hiking trails off the beaten bath.  Almost in lockstep, Hope and Ryan emphasize that their tours are customized for the novice and experienced adventure seekers alike.  “We get a lot of first-time hikers or hikers who aren’t comfortable getting on the trails by themselves,” Hope states. “When you are doing something you have never done before it helps so much to have someone by your side who is an expert so that you aren’t just jumping into it.  The great thing about our tours is that we do not mix any of our groups.  It is a private experience and we go at whatever pace they are capable of." "We can customize the tour for different sightseeing options based on their ability level,” Ryan adds. 

Open year-round, tours allow you to take in scenic views at sunrise or venture on routes featuring waterfalls and rock formations.  The popularity of the type of tour depends on the season.  “We really enjoy the "Waterfall Wonderland" tour in the winter because the waterfalls flow the best during the colder months and winter is the best time of the year to see them.  Our most popular tour, "Soul Therapy,” is a well-rounded tour because you get to see so many beautiful aspects of what Chattanooga has to offer," Hope says.

The most notable aspect of Experience Chattanooga is its top-notch all-inclusive excursions with no hidden fees or upcharges.  From transportation and refreshments to hiking equipment and professional photography, Hope and Ryan work hard to ensure that guests' needs are met and that their expectations are exceeded during every experience. 

Trailheads with limited to no cell service can be overwhelming for individuals unfamiliar with the areas. The Maums, Chattanooga natives, knew that their familiarity with the area would provide guests with a more enjoyable experience. Taking things one step further, the couple offers professional photography services to document guests' entire journey, so that they can remain focused on the venture.  Ryan stresses, “In the age of social media, everyone wants to have photos of what they are doing, which is great, but this can also take away from the experience. Because of this, it was important for us to allow people disconnect from their phones and let us handle the photos so that they can remain focused on the experience and the sights around them as much as possible. We get a lot of families and because of the services we provide, they all get to be in the photos together which is special for them. It is a privilege for us to document that for them.” 

Another aspect unique to Experience Chattanooga’s business model is its partnership with local restaurants. Cultivating relationships with restaurant partners came from Hope and Ryan's own travel experiences with a desire to experience local hot spots and try area staples.  It became important to them to give their customers not only guidance on the trails but to also get a taste of the local cuisine. Ryan told us, “Everyone is looking for a meal after a hike and we wanted to point them to some of our favorite local restaurants. This is important to us because it gives back to local businesses and we want to support that, too.”

With five-star ratings across multiple platforms, Hope and Ryan have built a business that is one of a kind.  Through testimonials, customers include: “If I could leave 100 stars, I would! This is THE way to hike in Chattanooga.” “Hope and Ryan are incredible tour guides. They made the whole excursion memorable.” “I spent the most amazing hiking day with Hope and Ryan. Not only [sightseeing] and exploring but [it was] also educational.” "Experience Chattanooga is an absolute must when traveling into town. Our expectations were BEYOND exceeded.”

Hope and Ryan strive to allow guests to connect with nature while providing outstanding hospitality.  Ryan emphasizes, “We are all about customer service from beginning to end. From the first time that we communicate with you via text message or phone call to the point where we usually giving you a hug at the end of the tour, customer service is everything for us. For me, our success is evident in that we have a perfect five-star rating and people continue to love their experiences with us.  We feel very blessed to live here and be able to show people our home.”

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We get a lot of first-time hikers or hikers that aren’t comfortable getting on the trails by themselves. When you are doing something you have never done before, it helps to have someone by your side who is an expert.  The great thing about our tours is that we do not mix our groups.  It is a private experience.