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Fake a Trip to Italy with Your Family


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Wish you were sitting down at an Italian bistro with a limoncello spritzer right now? It sounds pretty nice! Here are some fun ways you can create your own Italian experience in your home.

Games for Kids to Learn About Rome

How much do your kids know about ancient Rome? Better question—how much do you know about ancient Rome? If it's been a while since you took that Western civilization class in college, you might be a bit rusty. Spend some bonding time with your kiddos learning about the fascinating history of Rome through these online games and resources.

3 Movies That Transport You to Italy

"Italy—it's a place many of us dream to visit if not for the historic sites but for the cuisine alone. While an Italian getaway may not be on the books any time soon, these movies can be a vessel for which to whisk you away to this iconic European destination."

Kate Baxendale

Tour Italian Cities from Your Couch

"From the winding canals of Venice to the deep catacombs of Callixtus, you can experience Italy without ever leaving your living room. Virtual tours through Google Earth bring many popular tourist sites to your fingertips, allowing you to view famous landmarks in 3D, zooming in and out of museums, cathedrals and more.

Here you can immerse yourself in different cities across the country, with itineraries curated by Google Arts & Culture to ensure you get the most out of this digital experience. Each city exploration also include a special itinerary designed with kids in mind. Like what you see? You it as a guide to help plan your next adventure."

Cate Marian

Master Your Italian Pasta Making Skills

"There's something so satisfying about fresh, homemade pasta that makes it worth the extra effort. Not only is it lower in calories and carbs, it's also surprisingly easy and fun to make.

These online classes through airbnb will transport you to the motherland for authentic pasta-making experiences where you'll get to explore the kitchens of five families, discover different sauces and flavors, and perfect your technique for creating traditional shapes.

So start rolling out the dough, pour yourself a glass of wine (mandatory), and picture yourself as a chef in the Italian countryside for an evening — without ever leaving home."

Cate Marian

Pasta Recipes That Taste Like Italy

There are few things as comforting and soothing as a bowl of Italian pasta. A fantastic pasta recipe eaten on your patio with some Italian instrumental music playing in the background could very well trick you into thinking you are actually in Italy for an evening. Here are some delicious recipes to try!

Travel to Italy Vicariously with Stories

It can be a lot of fun to read about other people's experiences traveling even if you aren't doing it yourself. Here are some exciting travel stories from Italy that you can read and live vicariously through!